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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Kordia Picks Skyline DataMiner to Drive Digital Transformation.

Skyline Communications, the provider of multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions for the media and broadband industry, has just added another major customer to its client community. This time, their AI-powered DataMiner integration & operation platform has been selected by Kordia, a leading provider of mission-critical technology solutions – including broadcast, networks and cyber security – to organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia and the wider Pacific.

Kordia made the switch to DataMiner and Skyline, following a period of strong network growth. With further expansion on the horizon, the company wanted to find a solution that could keep up the pace with their growing operations, now as well as in the future.

“Kordia’s network requirements are constantly growing, which means there is added pressure to not only ensure our operations are able to keep up with our own evolving needs, but also with that of our customers. That’s the reason we decided to reevaluate the network management tools we had in place to ensure they were going to be future proof, and that’s exactly why we decided to move to DataMiner.”

“Our main goal at Kordia is to provide all our customers with exceptional solutions, services and support, no matter whether they operate a small or large business. To do this effectively, we need a platform that supports our team of experts, giving them the data and insights they need at any given moment so they can focus on the tasks that matter. DataMiner fits this requirement perfectly,” noted Aaron Olphert, Chief Digital Officer at Kordia.

The project at Kordia will replace its existing network performance and fault monitoring systems, while bringing AI-Based new functionalities across its entire B2B broadband and terrestrial broadcast services. As the complete end-to-end network management system, DataMiner will actively access Kordia’s Service & network inventory database to automatically populate network elements and services, allowing for granular resource management and control. On top of that, DataMiner will provide a plethora of functionalities through its trending module, state-of-the-art alarm console, visual interface, dashboards, SLA tracking, ticketing gateway, reporting engine, and many other features.

“DataMiner made quite an impression at Kordia during the rigorous selection process,” explains Naveendran Murthy, Sales Manager for the APAC region at Skyline. “First of all, our platform succeeded via the industry leading standard-off-the-shelf feature sets that we offer. Then, as further proof was requested by Kordia, we flew in one of our Senior Technical Account Managers to their headquarters to introduce them to our solution through a series of workshops. This proved instrumental in highlighting how DataMiner can support Kordia’s requirements, both now and in the future.”


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