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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Kordia to Donate TV Airtime to NZ Community Groups

New Zealand’s Kordia Pop Up TV is giving community groups and non-profit organisations a chance to leverage its TV service for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Broadcasting on Freeview Channel 200, this opportunity will allow groups with community-minded messages to reach a broader audience during alert levels 1 – 4, without incurring the regular transmission fees.

“Non-profit community groups and registered charities play a vital role in keeping people connected, as well as bringing important issues to the forefront of the public’s mind. Opening up Channel 200 to those who can’t communicate through their regular activities is one small way we can help non-profit organisations continue adding value to Kiwis,” said Dean Brain, Head of Media at Kordia.

Brain says Kordia has limited broadcasting slots available, but priority will be given to groups offering significant benefits to the community or providing essential services and messages. Groups will need to be able to provide their own pre-recorded content in a format suitable for broadcasting on TV.

“We developed Kordia’s Pop Up TV channel to make it easy for anyone to broadcast. Organisations who have a good message and content ready to go will find this an effective way to reach a larger audience, especially those lacking the tools or know-how to access online streaming.”

Kordia’s Pop Up TV channel allows any business, event or organisation to broadcast nationwide on Freeview Channel 200 with their own ready to air content. Bookings can be made for as little as one hour or for several days, depending on requirements.

Kordia’s Channel 200 has been utilised by several groups during the pandemic. Deaf Aotearoa and iSign are currently utilising the channel for NZSL full screen broadcasts of the daily COVID-19 briefings by the Prime Minister and other official announcements. Other organisations have used the channel to replace regular meetings and gatherings, such as the Archdiocese of Wellington, who is using the channel for Sunday service broadcasts from the Bishop of Wellington.


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