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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Korea’s CJ OliveNetworks Launches 11 Channels with Pebble

Pebble, the automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, has announced that leading Korean broadcaster CJ OliveNetworks has launched what is being called one of the most technically advanced multichannel setups in APAC.

The installation, completed with channel partner Besco, combines Pebble’s world class Automation, Integrated Channel and Pebble Remote solutions, to bring 11 fully redundant channels to air. As a result of their collaboration, the project was honoured with the Excellence Award for Channel System at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2023, highlighting Pebble’s commitment to delivering exceptional channel systems to the broadcast industry.

CJ OliveNetworks, an entertainment and media subsidiary of South Korea’s CJ Group, provides a full house of broadcast and digital services including managed broadcast transmission of 64 local and international channels. To meet current growth and future expansion it required new flexible infrastructure that could support a combination of SDI, NDI, ST-2110 and transport streams, hosted on COTS hardware.

“We are excited to become an integral part of CJ OliveNetworks expansion and proud of the work that we have done as a team,” said Samir Isbaih, Pebble’s VP Sales, Middle East and APAC. “The pandemic and travel restrictions prevented on-site visits but with the assistance of our valued partner Besco and through remote access, the system was ensured a smooth process from commission through proof of concept to test, install and going live.”

The solution now live at CJ OliveNetworks features Pebble automation controlling playout of 33 integrated channels in an 11+11+11 redundant configuration. Each on-air channel can be fed from any one of three integrated channels to provide extremely high availability. All channels are of similar design with 2110 and SDI inputs and outputs plus NDI monitoring. Logical processors include loudness control, audio shuffling, DolbyD encoding, SCTE104 and closed subtitling. CJ OliveNetworks is the first customer to use the RT Software plugin for advanced graphics. CJ OliveNetworks also utilises Pebble’s internal graphics capabilities. Furthermore, CJ OliveNetworks are controlling external third-party Tornado CG. The integration of Pebble Open API with CJ OliveNetworks’ in-house Traffic and Media Management system enables seamless communication between the two platforms. With this integration, CJ OliveNetworks can now easily interact with Pebble’s live playlist and media metadata.

Besco, the leading equipment and services provider in Korea, was instrumental in specifying, testing and installing the system. Besco also supported Pebble in translating its user manuals into Korean and provides first line support on the company’s behalf.

Besco CEO, Young Bae Kim, said: “Pebble has market leading solutions with the features that provide the flexibility CJ OliveNetworks needs. Pebble systems have extensive redundancy schemes, backed by excellent customer service ensuring ultimately on-air reliability. We’re looking forward to growing this partnership in the APAC region.”

Choi Tae-Hyoung, General Manager at CJ OliveNetworks said, “We wanted to build a future proof flexible solution that could perform uncompressed IP, compressed IP and SDI in the same system and in the same server with a modern user interface. Pebble systems were the clear winner in enabling us to move forward for our clients. We are immensely satisfied with the whole process from inception to execution.”


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