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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Korea’s JICA Embraces Mistika for 8K Virtual Reality

Jeonju IT&CT Industry Promotion Agency (JICA), a Korean institution dedicated to content development for the Communication and Software industry, has chosen Mistika Technology solutions to enhance its workflow performance and create high-quality 8K 360º VR cinematic experiences at the JVAR center, a VR/AR Production Support centre established by JICA.

Youngdae Kim, the Team leader at JVAR, explained that the Virtual Reality market in South Korea has been experiencing problems with production quality and the lack of innovative ideas for content creation. However, with widespread deployment of 5G technologies, major mobile companies decided to improve the customer experience by offering innovative immersive content.

“We needed a unique and highly time-efficient solution to create professional VR 360º cinematic content. With Mistika Technology solutions, we do not need separate applications for stitching, finishing and delivery – we can do everything in a single integrated ecosystem.”

Implementing co-working areas and many training seats with Mistika Boutique and Mistika VR has allowed JVAR to boost its workflow efficiency.

“Mistika Technology has given us an incredible opportunity to design and post-produce high quality cutting-edge VR 360º content faster than ever before,” said Youngdae Kim.

In addition to VR post-production, JVAR also provides training for Colour and Mastering with a special focus on HDR and 8K workflows with Mistika Boutique’s professional grading toolset using ACES and Dolby Vision.

JVAR’s post facility has also been additionally strengthened with a customised Mistika Ultima 8K turnkey system, unlocking simplified post-production for the most demanding tasks that historically required a lot of time and effort.

“Mistika Ultima 8K has a complete spectrum of unique features to handle complex processes, especially when working with high-resolution media. With the exceptional performance and real-time capabilities, even at 8K, we can lead the market and keep up with anything required by current and new media business,“ concluded Youngdae Kim.


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