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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

LinkedIn Launches New Aussie TikTok Channel

Online professional career network LinkedIn has launched a new local TikTok channel designed to support the next generation of Australian professionals navigate the ever-changing world of work. The @LinkedInAU launch comes as part of the company’s plans to engage the next generation of working Australians and support them as they progress in their careers.

Inspired by platform trends such as #LearnOnTikTok, the new channel will focus on ‘edutainment’ – providing audiences with tips and tricks on navigating their careers in an engaging way.

LinkedIn has partnered with a cohort of local creators called #TheTeammates, including:

Coming from diverse communities and backgrounds, with varying levels of experience across a range of industries, each creator brings a unique perspective on how to get started and be successful in the early days of your career. The content will cover everything from interview hacks, work-life balance, and cliché office water cooler chat.

#TheTeammates campaign, led in Australia by GROUND, in collaboration with VCCP and iProspect, will run across TikTok. It is part of a global campaign being activated in International markets, including the UK, France, Germany and Brazil. The channel will launch today, followed by a TopView and other paid components from May 20. It builds on LinkedIn Australia’s existing local social strategy which includes Facebook, Twitter and the LinkedIn Company Page.

Darain Faraz, Director of International Brand Marketing at LinkedIn said: “We are so excited to launch our new TikTok channel to inspire and help young Australian professionals explore the possibilities of what the world of work can offer. We have worked closely with our local teammates who will be sharing unique career related content delivered in an Aussie way to help our members reach their full potential.”

“The launch of Teammates on TikTok represents the latest chapter in our Brand efforts in Australia, It falls hot on the heels of the launch of LinkedIn’s first TVC for LinkedIn Changemakers campaign, as well as the creation of a dedicated local social media team.”

Brett Armstrong, General Manager of Global Business Solutions, TikTok ANZ, added: “TikTok is all about embracing your creative side and thinking outside of the box, so this campaign from LinkedIn is a natural fit for our platform as it taps into concepts already popular with our community.

“It’s clear from the content the LinkedIn team is launching that they understand the power of TikTok to connect with diverse audiences in an innovative and fun way and we can’t wait to see how the brand continues to share informative and interesting tips with our community.”


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