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Local Streaming Platforms Find Footing in Australia

Grabyo’s 2019 Global Video Trends Report has found Australia’s rapid growth in online streaming is catching up to Freeview TV viewing with local platforms winning a large audience share.

The report surveyed over 9600 people across Australia, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom examining trends in viewing behavior, device usage and content preferences.

40% of Australian respondents reported paying for online streaming services. The majority of online streaming subscribers in Australia use Netflix most often at 60%. However, the likes of 7 Plus, 10 Play and 9 Now are now each used most often by around 30% of consumers.

Online streaming services are more popular than Pay-TV in the market with only1/3 of respondents paying for TV. 20% of Aussie consumers said they don’t pay for any video service, more than any other territory surveyed.

Social video viewing is growing in the country. Over 20% of Australian consumers watch video most often on social platforms, which rises to 41% for 18-25s.

Smart TV and streaming devices most popular for watching video in Australia, with 45% watching on these devices most often. 40% of Australians watch most frequently on a smartphone while 1/3 watch most often on traditional TV.

The launch of multiple online streaming platforms by Australia’s broadcasters has driven digital viewing, following the lead of Netflix which remains the most popular service. The move to online streaming distribution from domestic broadcasters has been successful so far.

Elliot Renton, senior director and Grabyo’s head of APAC, commented: “The Australian streaming market has become competitive as local publishers launch their own services to compete with Netflix. This has driven healthy competition and offers greater choice for consumers. While many Australians continue to watch live video on broadcast TV, the report shows an appetite for live video on other platforms including social media. We expect to see increased experimentation and innovation in the local market as broadcasters use new technologies to differentiate their services. We are excited about the opportunities for Grabyo as we support these trends.”

Read the full report at https://about.grabyo.com/global-video-trends-2019/

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