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Monday, July 22, 2024

Magna Implements VideoFlow Contribution Solution for Greyhound Racing NSW

Traditionally remote or rural racing tracks, without DVN connectivity, have required a digital SNG solution – something that comes at a considerable financial cost. Recently when Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) looked for an alternative, reliable and cost-effective solution for their Taree venue, they found one from Magna Systems and VideoFlow.

Greyhound Racing NSW’s Brad Adam said, “GRNSW was looking for a cost effective alternate to deliver our vision from regional areas. Magna provided a VideoFlow solution which we tested for over six months. While much cheaper than DVN, we also found it to be faster than SNG and the testing proved to be a huge success. We have now implemented this as a permanent solution at Taree where a single operator can plug in, Magna can provide support if needed and the quality of picture delivery has been excellent. Paul Maroni and the Magna team provided an easy one stop solution for all our needs and we are now expanding that solution to other regional tracks. This means that, through Magna, we also have the added benefit of being able to package up our vision and audio and deliver it to partners all around the world in whatever format that they require.”

VideoFlow is driving the evolution of digital video contribution and distribution to conventional baseband and IP networks. Leveraging their Emmy award-winning technologies, VideoFlow products and solutions enable professional broadcast companies including TV broadcasters, TV operators, teleports and content providers to broadcast live with confidence over any IP network, including over the internet.

Magna group sales and marketing manager, Paul Maroni, explained, “By combining the NBN and VideoFlow’s unique technology we were able to use a business grade service to deliver high quality video from Taree Racetrack very reliably.”

Critically the VideoFlow solution Magna implemented for GRNSW also provided a backup path should the NBN drop out, or if there were too much data traffic.

Maroni continued, “We implemented a 4G backup and load sharing workflow through VideoFlow. This means that whilst the default data settings are split between the NBN and 4G networks, should either one drop out then the other will take 100 percent of the stream. The stream is relayed at Magna HQ in Sydney and then seamlessly stitched together at the receiver’s end – in this case, Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS). The end result is that we’ve managed to repeatedly achieve zero packet loss across the circuit with a one second plus improvement in latency over SNG, all at contribution quality.”

Taree Racetrack is the first of four sites who will implement and use the VideoFlow system and this in turn, means that GRNSW no longer require expensive satellite and SNG services. With these cost savings, the moment the VideoFlow system is installed at any location, GRNSW can increase the number of race meetings at that venue and thus, also their revenue.

Magna’s VideoFlow system for GRNSW is simple and effective and consists of a portable rack, UPS, NBN connectivity, a VF server and a 4G modem and antenna.

Paul Maroni concluded, “With the new system in place at Taree Racetrack, the feed comes from the local video production team, passes through our VideoFlow solution on its way to Magna and then TBS who distribute it to any chosen channel at that point. Magna has total inbound control and has provided GRNSW with a high quality, reliable and cost-effective managed service.”


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