Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Magna Systems and TVU Networks Bolster ANZ Resources

TVU Networks and Magna Systems have bolstered their on-ground support resources in Australia and New Zealand with the introduction of TVU Networks Sales Manager, Dave Demmocks to the local team.

Demmocks’ role is to work with and support Magna and TVU’s clients and prospective clients by using all of the company’s resources and information direct from their HQ.

Demmocks said, “By being on the ground in Australia and New Zealand I bring specific resources to help sell and support TVU products. I will also help stimulate parallel markets such as sports, public safety and education alongside Magna’s traditional broadcast-related markets.”

According to Demmocks by boosting resources on the ground the ultimate aim is to create and implement as many benefits for customers as possible. He added, “We will be giving even more information about the products, taking more input from customers and using that to ultimately help drive the direction of the products moving forward. Working with in parallel with Magna is a great combination.”

With Demmocks helping and providing additional support whenever an wherever possible and with Magna handling all the sales related activities Demmocks sees a bright future for both companies in Australia and New Zealand.

He concluded, saying, “It’s a win-win situation as we are all working to our strengths. It’s an excellent and very close working relationship which means customers will get better results, more support and more efficient and effective TVU solutions. It’s also the same on-ground support model we use in many other countries around the world which has proven to be very successful and beneficial to customers.”


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