Saturday, May 25, 2024

Maldives’ Medianet Optimises Video Streaming with Harmonic

Harmonic has announced that Medianet, the largest independent pay TV and cable television provider in the Maldives, is using Harmonic’s EyeQ content-aware encoding (CAE) to optimise video streaming and television service delivery. Powered by the latest developments in AI, EyeQ CAE significantly reduces Medianet’s CDN costs while enabling the operator to deliver consistent, high-quality video experiences to subscribers on all screens.

“In the Maldives, bandwidth is expensive. We needed a solution that would immediately and effectively reduce our content delivery costs,” said Ahmed Shafeeu, CEO at Medianet. “With Harmonic’s EyeQ technology, we’ve been able to save a dramatic percentage of our CDN usage while maintaining an outstanding quality of experience for our viewers.”

Harmonic’s EyeQ CAE reduces streaming congestion by cutting bandwidth requirements up to 50% compared to traditional encoding methods, allowing Medianet to optimize video quality over any delivery network. EyeQ technology is 100% standards-compliant with all formats, codecs, encoding schemes and resolutions, future-proofing Medianet’s video delivery workflow. Medianet has been a longtime user of Harmonic HEVC encoding for its cable and satellite delivery.

“A common challenge for operators is sacrificing quality for bandwidth efficiency,” said Tony Berthaud, vice president of sales and video services, APAC, at Harmonic. “Bandwidth use and quality are no longer a tradeoff. EyeQ technology creates variable bit rate profiles so that Medianet can provide constant video quality, improving viewers’ quality of experience on every screen. We’re pushing the boundaries of innovation with EyeQ content-aware encoding, enabling unrivaled video quality and cost savings.”


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