Saturday, April 13, 2024

MCR and Newsroom Win for Imagine in Cambodia

Imagine Communications has supplied PNN TV, a recently launched Cambodian private terrestrial channel, with critical components from across its networking and playout solution portfolios. The solution delivers automation for the newsroom and master control room (MCR) of the largest television production complex in the country.

“We just made a significant investment in equipment which is expected to take broadcasting in Cambodia to the next level,” said Mr. Seng Nhak, a director at the L.Y.P. Group, a Cambodian investment company that launched PNN TV in 2015. “Imagine Communications demonstrated the efficiency and the practicality of their proposals, and was able to offer us good support in the region, which gave us the confidence to take this big leap forward.”

The PNN TV complex, which lies on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, employs over 300 staff for the production of news and entertainment television. Imagine Communications provided PNN TV with a host of networking and playout equipment to support the channel’s automated MCR and newsroom, as part of a large turnkey solution.

Central to the solution is the Imagine Communications ADC automation system, the Nexio Ingest Suite and Nexio Motion content management system. Tightly integrated with a newsroom computer system (NRCS) from Octopus, the ADC and Nexio solutions provide editorial collaboration, ensure high productivity and minimise human error across the MCR and newsroom. The new automation system provides a consistently high-quality output and excellent efficiency. It is a key part of PNN’s ambitions to be a world-class station. Also incorporated in the news workflow is a Nexio broadcast graphics system for live and realtime production graphics.

The Selenio 6800+ core processing and distribution platform sits at the heart of the new automated PNN TV news production workflow, providing a hub through which all signals can move across the facility. In addition, the Selenio X50 and Selenio X100 deliver accurate frame synchronisation and conversion, with signal distribution support from Platinum routers and multiviewers, while Nexio AMP integrated servers enable the automated ingest and output of broadcast content. Videotek test and measurement equipment ensures all video and audio signals are measured and analysed.

“This is an important new customer win for Imagine Communications in Cambodia,” said Joe Khodeir, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific at Imagine Communications. “PNN TV is the most modern station in Cambodia and we believe this project will be a catalyst in convincing other stations across the region that Imagine Communications can deliver state-of-the-art, end-to-end turnkey solutions anywhere in the world they are needed.”


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