Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mediacorp Content Creator Network Signs Regional MOUs

Singapore-based Mediacorp’s content creator network, Bloomr.SG, has forged separate Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with two leading talent management agencies – PressPlay from Taiwan, and Treasure Hunter from South Korea – in a move to facilitate cross-border talent exchanges and open doors to new business opportunities. The partnerships are Bloomr.SG’s first-ever tie-ups with regional counterparts. According to Mediacorp, the deals signal the company’s commitment to nurture content creators by giving them greater exposure through working on overseas projects, while enabling clients in Singapore to gain access to established creators from Taiwan and South Korea.

Specifically, Bloomr.SG will collaborate bilaterally with PressPlay and Treasure Hunter in areas such as co-producing content and sharing talent from a select pool of content creators who run popular social media channels; namely:

  • From Bloomr.SG – Munah Bagharib, Royce Lee, Tabitha Nauser, Norbin Ngoh, Trevor Tham and Celine Leong;
  • From PressPlay – 我是老爸,我不要當爸; and
  • From Treasure Hunter – ASMR Suna, 닛몰캐쉬(Needmorecash) and 쵸단 (Chodan).

The MOUs will also pave the way for Bloomr.SG to work closely with each of its two partners in terms of jointly pitching for commercial projects, as well as in sharing marketing resources for the purposes of cross-selling advertising products, jointly operating campaigns, and other related activities.

Rob Kuo, co-founder of PressPlay, said, ”PressPlay is always keen to collaborate with multi-channel networks beyond Taiwan and Hong Kong. We are especially thrilled to partner with Singapore’s Bloomr.SG MCN and look forward to work on many exciting projects together.”

Sam Song, CEO of Treasure Hunter, said, “Southeast Asia, including Singapore, is one of the most important regions in the global creator economy. We expect that the collaboration between the two companies will be a wonderful project that revitalises the creator economy ecosystems in both countries.”

Meanwhile, Bloomr.SG has added another valued partner to its ranks by joining hands with social media giant TikTok as a TikTok Shop Partner. With this partnership, Bloomr.SG’s creators can look forward to harnessing the enormous potential of e-commerce by working with sellers and brands on TikTok to create monetisable content to promote their goods and services.

Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp, said, “These partnerships will allow us to tap on top creative talent from the region and offer our clients more options for their marketing campaigns. PressPlay and Treasure Hunter represent some of the most popular content creators in Taiwan and South Korea, and we are delighted to partner with them. For our Bloomr.SG talents, these create invaluable opportunities for them to grow their presence beyond Singapore’s shores which, together with our new status as a TikTok Shop Partner, will allow them to gain vital experience in overseas markets and build sustainable careers in social content creation.”

The MOUs with PressPlay and Treasure Hunter are in effect for a period of one year.

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