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Saturday, July 20, 2024

MediaHub Helps Australian Broadcasters Manage Data Growth Rates with HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently announced that MediaHub, an Australian leader in broadcast services,  has selected the HPE Apollo and Scality object storage solution to power its new Storage-as-a-Service offering aimed at the Australian broadcast market, enabling easy data management at any scale.

MediaHub, founded in 2009, is responsible for the live broadcast of more than 400 TV channels and 90 radio stations. It works with the country’s biggest broadcasters, including Sky and ABC. MediaHub has navigated the transformation of the media landscape and identified the growing challenge for broadcasters to store and access large volumes of content in a cost-effective way.

HPE will be supporting ArkHub, MediaHub’s new low-cost data storage service, providing customers with storage and access to their rapidly expanding archives, without additional ingress, egress and retrieval fees. This enables MediaHub’s customers to create, store, retrieve and broadcast high-quality content to viewers, ahead of their competition.

“Cloud providers do a great job of selling storage, but there can be high fees for egress,” said Alan Sweeney, MediaHub CEO. “We wanted to create a new model with HPE.”

ArkHub is built on the high storage density of HPE Apollo 4510, in tandem with Scality RING scalable object storage to create dense, stretch object storage across three locations.

“Scality enabled us to stretch across our own data and two co-locations,” said Scott Jolly, MediaHub’s Head of Operations. “This, plus the density of HPE Apollo, allowed us to address fourteen-nines durability and data retrieval times.”

MediaHub is a long-time user of HPE servers and storage. This history, Sweeney said, plus trusted support and HPE’s collaboration with Scality (a recognised leader in scalable object storage), led to the decision to select HPE and Scality to develop ArkHub.

HPE collaborated with partner Orro Group on the MediaHub solution, helping the broadcast services provider on its journey to expand its services to customers.

“It was clear we had two great professional businesses working together to deliver a very robust, technologically advanced solution. This would allow us to develop a storage solution that would meet all the data storage requirements of the industry and our clients,” Sweeney said.

The launch also opens up opportunities in new industries too. MediaHub is pursuing data-heavy industries, including healthcare, education, and finance, where secure access to historical data is critical. The HPE solution is easily expandable, meaning MediaHub can add capacity as required.

“The HPE Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING delivers customers the scalability needed as their data continues to grow,” said Chris Weber, HPE Enterprise and Public Sector Director.

“In global terms, Australia is a vibrant but small broadcast market,” said Sweeney. “ArkHub enables us to expand into new markets. HPE and Scality create a very real gateway into the digital storage market and that presents an enormous growth opportunity for us.”

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