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Saturday, July 20, 2024

MediaHub Offers Next-Gen Broadcast and Data Services

In a move which propels MediaHub to the next level in terms of it’s offering to the broadcast, telco and IT industries, the company has unveiled its new list of services which will underpin its strategy and growth moving forward.

MediaHub CEO, Alan Sweeney explained, “Broadcast playout has been at the centre of MediaHub’s offering since the day we launched. Now the company has changed to meet the ever-increasing and diverse needs of the key industries we serve – broadcast, telecommunications, IT, education and commercial organisations. As a result we offer seven key services which can standalone or be combined in any configuration to suit any of our customers’ requirements.”

The services now offered by MediaHub include XcodeHub enabling the automatic transcoding of content from one format to any other, StreamHub for the streaming of channels to OTT services, PresHub, MediaHub’s historic core business and the playout of linear channels, FibreHub, providing connectivity services using the company’s core fibre network throughout Australia and New Zealand, ArkHub for data archive, MAMHub for all things Media Asset Management related, and coming online in January 2018 ExchangeHub, enabling efficient content delivery.

Two of the key areas within the range of services where MediaHub has particularly strong offerings are XcodeHub, and StreamHub where their major clients include Fox Networks Group (FNG) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

MediaHub provides several advanced services associated with transcoding, such as automatically closing up multiple segments into one contiguous part or remapping audio to different channels.

It’s a similar story with MediaHub’s streaming services as the company offers more advanced services including seamlessly replacing elements from the original channel, such as commercials, with alternative content on the newly created stream.

Sweeney continued, “XcodeHub and StreamHub are particularly strong and effective solutions that we provide multiple clients with now. Part of their efficiency comes from the fact that all of these services are manufacturer agnostic. They have all been developed and proven in-house, use the very latest technology from around the globe enabling MediaHub and our clients to be well ahead of the curve. Needless to say if you are broadcaster, content creator, IT company, data centre user, or indeed any organisation that creates, moves and stores data, then MediaHub has services you can use to make your operation more effective and efficient immediately.”

With the company now offering the market so many key services all under one roof Sweeney added the icing on the cake as he explained, “Mid-next year all of MediaHub’s services will be accessed easily and promptly from a central client web portal. There will be no unnecessary layers of engagement. You will merely log in, choose the services you require and action them. It really will be as simple and straightforward as that.”


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