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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

MetaX and WeTV Take Asian OTT Content Global

Data-driven OTT commercialisation and Connected TV (CTV) advertising company MetaX Software has announced a partnership with WeTV, a video streaming platform backed by Tencent Video, to bring a rich library of Asian content to global fans.

Established in 2018, WeTV is a video streaming service featuring content in a wide range of genres and languages. Its line-up of content offerings includes TV series, variety shows, special live events, and animation from China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Under the new partnership, MetaX OTT platform will leverage its userbase with Over 4.5 million monthly active users to ramp up WeTV’s presence around the world. Meanwhile, the collaboration of the two platforms will strengthen the content portfolio of MetaX OTT platform which has teamed up with global content providers such as Gusto TV, YesAuto, Firework, and Fishing TV.

WeTV is now available on MetaX’s Open Browser. MetaX OTT platform has recently launched Open Browser 2.0 which comes with an optimised user interface and improved aesthetics. Equipped with AI-powered algorithms that recommend a wide variety of global content tailored to viewers’ tastes, the browser has racked up 1 million downloads, serving users in over 200 countries and territories.

“Our partnership with WeTV not only provides our global viewers with heated programs of Asian origin, but also enhances user loyalty by offering multilingual services which allow maximized viewing experience. With the collaboration, we are aimed to explore more possibilities to quickly boast an impressive catalogue and present the OTT service with high-performance results in 2022.” said Arella Hua, Head of OTT operation business at MetaX Software.


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