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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Migo And iflix Partner to Turbocharge Indonesia Businesses

iflix and Migo have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deliver new paid and sponsored premium video experiences to the 200 million Indonesian consumers with limited online connectivity.

Migo’s integrated proprietary technology stack expands digital access to low and middle income Indonesians, opening up a huge new target segment for iflix’s content. Developed by Migo’s founder, the leading technologist Barrett Comiskey, Migo’s super-fast and ultra-low-cost alternative data delivery allows iflix to profitably enhance its distribution portfolio. Migo’s network gives consumers a broader choice of methods to watch, allowing them to choose the channel that best suits their needs and budget.

iflix’s premium content library, built through years of experience in Indonesia, deep consumer insights, and significant investment in content creators, will help drive Migo’s customer acquisition and engagement. At launch in Q1 2020, Migo Indonesia will heavily feature iflix content alongside other carefully curated films and TV series from Indonesia, the SE Asian region, and beyond.

Migo’s O2O (online-to-offline) video player will allow iflix brand partners to provide rich sponsored and promotional campaigns to mass market consumers who today have limited data consumption, and are therefore difficult for many brand partners to access digitally.

The addition of iflix content allows Migo to focus on its unique position in the value chain, as an offline data distributor targeting low-ARPU consumers with national retail reach and an extremely efficient cost structure.

Mark Britt, iflix Co-Founder and Executive Director, said, “Working with Migo will allow iflix to tap into the C/D consumer segments that account for 60 percent of the Indonesian market. Migo offers a new and complementary channel for us to reach these hard-to-serve mass-market consumers.”

Barrett Comiskey, Migo Founder and CEO, said, “iflix’s compelling, differentiated content will be an exciting new draw for Migo’s customers, attracting them to the service and keeping them coming back for more. We’re thrilled to have a partner with such a quality, broad and deep content library. iflix allows Migo to focus on our core mission as a telco-independent digital service delivery platform, and de-risks our investments in directly-purchased content licenses.”

Patrick Chairman, said, “Migo’s technology is transformative for data distribution in emerging markets. We see today’s partnership in Indonesia as just the first step to bringing iflix content to hundreds of millions of customers in other critical markets, from the Philippines to Myanmar to Bangladesh and beyond.”


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