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Friday, May 31, 2024

Nanyang Technological University Elevates Production Values with Ross

Located in the lush city-state of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the island republic’s second oldest public autonomous university, with 33,500 students and 10,000 staff. The in-house media production team works on a diverse range of events across the academic year, from concerts and seminars to symposia and graduation ceremonies. With a packed calendar of commitments and the desire to improve overall production values, Mr Leonard H. Sim, Technical Producer at NTU, turned to Ross Video’s Singapore office for guidance and support.

“We have a large auditorium and regularly work on multi-camera productions so are constantly looking at new equipment for our facility, in order to keep-up with the best standards and to ensure our production values meet the expectations of our audience”, notes Mr Sim. “We wanted to improve the look of our content and also make our productions easier to run and more efficient, so we talked with Ross”. That discussion led to the purchase of a Carbonite 2ME production switcher, XPression graphics package and the Furio SE robotic camera motion system. “We really liked the idea of installing the Furio in our auditorium to take our camera operator out of the room – he’s now in the gallery operating the camera by joystick – and to and enable us to get more smooth and dynamic camera shots”, says Mr Sim. “The Ross team really helped us to work within the structural limitations of the auditorium and gave us excellent support and training along the way.”

With the new system now up and running, Mr Sim is delighted with the results. “Ross has provided us with a cost-effective and highly integrated solution; the combination of the Furio robotic system and XPression graphics has allowed us to combine animations/transitions and real-time information changes with even more creative camera work, helping to make our content more eye-catching and easier to produce than before. Our experience of working with Ross has been highly satisfactory – they haven’t disappointed and we’re already discussing our next upgrade with them!” Andrew Tan, Ross Video’s Director of Sales for APAC, is very proud of the company’s association with NTU. “NTU has a very strong regional reputation for excellence and the in-house production team have shown great ambition in the way they tackle productions; we’re very happy to be working with them to elevate their content and helping them achieve their creative, business and technical goals.”


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