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Sunday, July 21, 2024

NEP Group Expands Sony MLS-X1 Live Switcher Inventory

NEP Group has significantly expanded its inventory of Sony MLS-X1 Live Switchers. The expansion comes in the form of an additional 10 MLS-X1 units bringing NEP ANZ’s total number of MLS-X1 Live Switchers to 31.

NEP’s SVP Technology, Marc Segar, commented, “NEP initially purchased 21 MLS-X1 units to upgrade and expand our current Sydney facility and deploy them in time for last year’s large international sporting competition held across Australia and New Zealand.”

The MLS-X1 is a key element of Sony Networked Live ecosystem which helps productions take full advantage of resources in high-quality mission critical live situations through connected hybrid on-premises and cloud capabilities.

The Sony MLS-X1 Live Switcher (front).

Segar added, “The new MLS-X1 Live Switchers are currently being used in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland on a variety of projects, productions and events. This really highlights the versatility and efficiency of the MLS-X1 Live Switchers within NEP’s production ecosystem. By being able to allocate switcher resources between virtual configurations and seamlessly integrate additional hardware as needed, the MLS-X1 enhances NEP’s ability to handle a diverse range of projects and events across multiple locations. Moreover, the native ST-2110 support ensures easy integration into NEP’s existing facilities, further streamlining our production workflows. As NEP continues to lead in producing events that demand more resources due to the rising prevalence of 4K content and larger switcher configurations, the MLS-X1 proves to be a valuable asset in meeting these evolving demands effectively.”

NEP have been one of the leaders in producing events that increasingly require additional resources as the use of 4K increases and larger switcher configurations are needed.

Segar continued, “The MLS-X1 is easily expanded and allows for efficient use of resources. It can be configured for large global 4K productions or divided into smaller HD productions as required. NEP typically uses an MLS-X1 or multiple MLS-X1s in our Andrews production hubs to manage all the major sports coverage that we produce on a weekly basis.

Anthony Kable, CCS Group Manager, Sony Australia said: “We have a long and successful technology partnership with NEP across its different operations worldwide. We are particularly pleased when we develop a product that fits in and is embraced as well as NEP have embraced the MLS-X1.”

Sony’s MLS-X1 Live Switcher (rear).

The MLS-X1 also stood out for its modular and effective approach as part of NEP’s volition to drive its business transformation with effectiveness and scalability at its core.

Marc Segar concluded, “We love the way we can share resources efficiently across various projects, whether it’s a large-scale international sporting event or a smaller, localised production. The scalability and flexibility of the MLS-X1 Live Switcher align perfectly with NEP’s needs, allowing us to adapt to the demands of different projects seamlessly. NEP’s investment in the Sony MLS-X1 Live Switchers underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in live event production. With the increasing demand for high-quality, mission-critical live productions, having reliable and versatile equipment like the MLS-X1 is essential for delivering top-notch results consistently.”


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