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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Network 10 Enlists Grabyo to Deliver #LoveAustralia Project TV to Facebook

To create an engaging stay-at-home experience for Australians during COVID-19, Grabyo provided the tools for Network 10, in partnership with Tourism Australia, to deliver a special interactive live broadcast of its special television show, The Love Australia Project, to Facebook Live.

The #LoveAustralia Project, celebrating Australia’s culture and beautiful landmarks, was simultaneously broadcast live to Facebook using Grabyo’s cloud video platform.

In order to comply with advertising regulations, Network 10 needed to replace the show’s live TV ad breaks with bespoke content for its social broadcast. The network took this opportunity to encourage active participation from the audience and extend the content beyond standard programming.

Using Grabyo’s integration with’s audience engagement platform to power and moderate live polls during the ads. By adding interactive elements, Network 10 was able to create a more communal viewing experience, sparking discussion, and driving longer watch times and higher engagement.

The entire broadcast was delivered by one main producer, using just a web browser on a laptop. The producer was able to work completely remotely, with every element of the broadcast managed using Grabyo’s cloud-native platform.

At a time when social isolation presents a challenge for broadcasters to create new content, Network 10 was able to add value for its sponsor partner Tourism Australia, creating a meaningful experience for Australian audiences.

Network 10’s Head of Social Content, Kirsty Wilson, commented: “During these difficult times, 10 has been committed to informing and entertaining Australians across all its platforms. Working with Grabyo and, we were able to seamlessly activate a multi-platform campaign across social, linear and digital for the #LoveAustralia Project, which brought audiences together, reminding them of the beauty of our country. We were really pleased with the response.”

Marcello Fabiano, Head of Australia and New Zealand at Grabyo, added: “It’s great to see major broadcasters like Network 10 maximizing the potential of social live broadcasts. Live video across social platforms is growing in popularity, even more so in isolation. Offering an interactive experience helps people to feel more connected around the content they enjoy, while enabling Network 10 and Tourism Australia to expand their reach across the country. We’re excited to see what they do next.”

Ed Abis, Commercial Director at, added: “We are proud to play a part in such an innovative live experience. Our integration with Grabyo allowed Network 10 to gather the best social interactions to power a live poll accompanied by dynamic graphics on the live stream which made for an immersive live broadcast. As live social video grows in popularity all publishers need to maximize this opportunity to create more active and engaging content.”

Network 10 used Grabyo Producer, Grabyo’s advanced live streaming platform, and’s Bee-on audience engagement platform to produce the broadcast. Accessed through a web browser, both Grabyo’s intuitive design required minimal training and set-up to use for Network 10.


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