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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Network TEN Publishes Viewer Study

Network 10 has released new research entitled The Cord Audiences – A new way of thinking about TV audiences.

The term separates audiences who consume content across different platforms into four segments: Cord Forevers, Cord Shavers, Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers.

In this context, the cord refers to either a free-to-air TV aerial, or a cable connecting to subscription TV.

Network 10’s chief sales officer Rod Prosser said: “This research tells us that a TV audience is much broader than just the traditional demographics and broader than just linear TV. It helps us understand the audiences consuming and engaging content across TV’s platforms. And this audience is growing.”

Network 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: “Broadcasters have been quick to respond to the fragmentation of TV. The new TV is more mass-reaching than ever. It’s about bringing the best content to audiences in the way they want it. It’s about finding new ways to engage on all screens, and beyond the screen. And it’s about having and continuing conversations well beyond the broadcast.

“At 10, TV is our linear broadcast channels, podcasts with 10 Speaks, a daily magazine with 10 Daily, streaming with 10 All Access and watching when you want with 10 Play. With more distribution platforms than ever, we have a fantastic opportunity to be more creative with the content we produce, based on where these audiences choose to consume the content they enjoy.

“For us, the new TV is much more exciting than the old TV.” 

The research, which was conducted by Nature and commissioned by Network 10, also found:

 TV is in the top two when it comes to the preferred media entertainment option for all segments. It is #1 with Cord Shavers and Cord Forevers and #2 with Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers behind subscription video on-demand (SVOD)/broadcast video on-demand (BVOD).

 Among all segments, there is a strong appetite for a new entertainment subscription video on-demand service.

 Audience engagement beyond broadcast is stronger for big reality TV programs than it is for the biggest international SVOD dramas.

 TV is the most trusted news source for all segments except the Cord Forevers where it was behind Newspapers.

 When a big news event happens, Cord Forevers (74%), Cord Shavers (60%), Cord Cutters (58%) and Cord Nevers (44%) would choose to watch updates live on TV over catch-up services and social media/online news sites. 

Mr Prosser said: “When it comes to engaging and reaching consumers, broadcasters today are exceptionally well-placed to thrive, in all genres. No matter what platform the content is distributed, TV continues to bring people together like no other medium. There is no better time to be part of the new TV.”


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