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New App Syncs SEN Commentary with TV Broadcasts

The late 80s/early 90s saw Triple J’s legendary sports team Roy & HG pioneer altenative match commentary with the radio turned up and the TV turned down. Now, Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) has taken the concept to the next level with its latest product offering, SEN Sync.

According to SEN, football fans are in for a game-changing viewing experience this AFL Premiership Season with the launch – in collaboration with DrinkWise – of an innovative new feature which will redefine how fans experience the game at home.

Available at no cost on the SEN App for iOS and Android devices, SEN Sync seamlessly synchronises the SEN commentary team’s live call with the unfolding on-screen action. This new technology enhances the at-home viewing experience by giving fans unprecedented control over how they immerse themselves in the game.

SEN Sync makes aligning the SEN commentary with outstanding visual coverage from Seven and Fox Footy effortless. The user-friendly interface flawlessly syncs the audio feed with a simple tap, enabling fans to line up the commentary with visuals so they won’t miss a moment. A manual delay setting for precision tuning is also available if a customised delay is required.

SEN is also upgrading the in-stadium experience, rolling out zero latency SEN commentary to every AFL venue nationwide in the early rounds of the season, building upon the existing SEN Stadium product currently available at select stadiums. This expansion will provide crystal clear SEN commentary with no delays directly to your phone and no Wi-Fi required.

SEN Chief Executive Craig Hutchison said: “Together with DrinkWise, SEN Sync hands the remote to fans. With the power to flawlessly sync our broadcast with live TV action, footy fans can now pump up the volume on footy’s best call team.”

“SEN Sync tackles a long-standing pain point for footy fans – finally syncing up the commentary they want with the live TV action. It will be great to hear our Chief Sports Caller, Gerard Whateley, available at fans’ fingertips to pair perfectly with what’s on screen.

Visit https://www.sen.com.au/app/

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