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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NewsBoss Appoints PAT NZ as Exclusive Distributor

Professional Audio & Television, one of the leading broadcast suppliers in New Zealand and Australia, has announced it has been appointed as the exclusive NewsBoss distributor in New Zealand.

NewsBoss is described as one of the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly newsroom system available on the market. NewsBoss sits in the centre of many of the best newsrooms worldwide, from single user sites to integrated national networks with hundreds of staff. The impending release of the NewsBoss mobile app MoJo, expands the tools for reporters to stay connected to their Newsroom from any device, anywhere. MoJo gives reporters the ability to record and edit audio, write and edit scripts, submit content and keep up to date with all of the precious content in their system.

Professional Audio and Television says it is looking forward to growing the NewsBoss brand on both sides of the Tasman by leveraging its own experience and knowledge in Radio, Audio and Newsroom workflows. NewsBoss complements PAT’s existing Radio product portfolio, making it a one stop shop for an all-in-radio solution.

According to PAT, one of the best things about NewsBoss, is the fact it is developed and supported in this corner of the globe. The NewsBoss team are quick to act, famous for their ability to connect into other systems and are customer driven with a commitment to constant development and enhancements. Customer feedback is encouraged and regularly incorporated in new features and technologies.

NewsBoss Co-Founder and Director of Product Marketing, Kurt Lass says, “Professional Audio and Television are the perfect match for NewsBoss. There is no other company we feel more comfortable with representing us in New Zealand. Their experience, ability to deliver time-critical projects on 24/7 services, and in depth understanding of audio give us faith that NewsBoss will continue to dominate in this market.”

PAT Senior Solution Architect in New Zealand, Mike Heard says, “PAT’s thorough knowledge of NewsBoss positions us well to continue growing the NewsBoss footprint in NZ. The NewsBoss attention to detail, understanding of Newsroom workflows, training agenda and willingness to create customised integrations at short notice is incredibly refreshing. News happens fast and it is important to be supported when you need it most. The PAT team is delighted to represent NewsBoss exclusively in New Zealand and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our companies.”

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