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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Nicola Daley ACS Gets Stuck Into Pin Cushion

Award-winning Australian cinematographer Nicola Daley ACS is currently gaining kudos for shooting director Deborah Haywood’s debut feature, Pin Cushion. Opening in select US theatres on July 20, the film first premiered at Critics Week during the 2017 Venice Film Festival and has been nominated for three British Independent Film Awards.

Pin Cushion follows a complex mother (Lyn) and daughter (Iona) who move to a new town in search for a new life. As the mother deals with a frustrating neighbor and the daughter encounters bullies at her new high school, both retreat to fantasy and lies to handle their issues. But all is not right, and when Lyn understands what is really going on with her daughter, she figures out a way to punish her friends and keep Iona safe by her side forever.

Daley brings an otherworldly pastel and neon gossamer to this deeply personal and unfaltering film, her first collaboration with Haywood, which moves and shocks in equal measure. Currently boasting a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Pin Cushion is a festival darling with already one win and seven nominations. It’s a visual feast.

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