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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Nine Adds Spectra Logic StorCycle to Streamline Workflows, Enhance Content Preservation

Nine has expanded its Spectra Logic storage ecosystem to include the new StorCycle software solution for storage lifecycle management.

Following Nine’s 2018 upgrade from a legacy storage platform that saw it deploy replicating Spectra BlackPearl object storage solutions paired with Spectra T950 Tape Libraries, the company found that Spectra’s Storcycle software could potentially replace another legacy storage system during its recent Sydney relocation.

The storage workflow of the legacy system took graphics and compositing files created by Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Flame and moved these into a disparate tape archive and backup location. StorCycle replaces the need for this isolated equipment architecture through its native connectivity with Nine Network’s centralised Spectra BlackPearl hybrid storage platform.

StorCycle is a storage lifecycle management software solution that ensures data is stored on the right tier throughout its lifecycle for greater IT and budgetary efficiencies. Created for organizations that need lasting protection and access to data which is no longer active, but still critical to retain, StorCycle scans primary storage for inactive files and completed projects and migrates them based on set policies to a lower cost tier of storage, which includes any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and tape. Interoperable with Linux and Windows, StorCycle migrates data, without changing original formats, and allows users to have easy access to all data, including data migrated to longer latency storage mediums like cloud “cold” tiers and tape.

Dylan Van Dyke, Broadcast Tech Manager for Nine Network, said, “Our relocation gave us a unique opportunity to rethink some of our legacy systems and we were really pleased to see that StorCycle could address some workflows that had not been integrated into our main Spectra Object Storage Platform. StorCycle has been running now for some time and we’re really pleased with the results.”

Matthew Hall, Business Development Manager for Techtel, added, “Nine Network’s object storage environment, underpinned by Spectra BlackPearl, is now even more capable with the addition of StorCycle. Pairing StorCycle and BlackPearl ensures Nine’s critical data is safe whilst demonstrating a cost savings over their previous workflow. It made sense to choose StorCycle. Native compatibility with BlackPearl alone places it ahead of the competition. But the cost-based logic behind StorCycle’s file movement really sets it apart and we’re excited about the way broadcasters can save money by implementing it into their storage ecosystems.”


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