Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nine Launches Targeted Ads on 9Now

Australia’s Nine has has signed an exclusive partnership with leading ad-tech/martech platform AdGreetz to introduce cutting edge digital technology to 9Now to allow brands to personalise targeted advertising to viewers.

Named ‘Dynamic Ads’, the video creative optimisation product will help marketers automatically provide more tailored messaging to 9Now’s 12 million addressable users, with adverts served to the viewer based on their viewer profile, underpinned by Australia’s largest data footprint. Nine is the first Australian media outlet to engage AdGreetz’s tech for use in BVOD.

The move is a significant expansion of 9Now’s advertising technology, enabling advertisers to automate the creation of multiple versions of their video ad and dynamically serve the right creative to the right viewer using Nine’s audience data across both live and VOD content on connected televisions, desktop and mobile platforms.

Working in collaboration with marketers, Nine will help brands create more personalised advertising experiences, across a number of different industries covering Retail, Automotive, FMCG and Travel. The technology, which will work within privacy compliant framework, means viewers will only receive ads that are relevant to them.

With the ability to provide marketers with real time dynamic messaging at scale, Dynamic Ads is a game changer for marketers looking to reach the right person with the right creative message to drive business outcomes and improve their media return on investment.

Ben Campbell, Nine’s Director of Data and Digital Advertising, said: “We’re delighted to partner with AdGreetz to bring Dynamic Ads to 9Now. As competition intensifies to attract consumer attention, Dynamic Ads will play an essential role in connecting brands directly to their target market, and vice versa, will ensure audiences receive an enhanced ad experience that is more relevant and therefore more impactful.”

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