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Friday, May 31, 2024

NiTRo Builds Shibuya 4K Post House with Blackmagic

Blackmagic Design has announced that Nittere Technical Resources, aka NiTRo, a comprehensive production company affiliated with Nippon TV, has built a new 4K post production facility in Shibuya which includes DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic MultiView 16’s and a number of other Blackmagic Design 4K broadcast products.

NiTRo SHIBUYA opened this April with four edit suites, two sound mixing studios, a machine room with space for ingesting and exporting materials and ten offline edit rooms. This addition joins the company’s existing studio near Nippon TV in Shiodome, Tokyo.

Already installed at the new studio are DaVinci Resolve, MultiView 16, Micro Videohub, Audio Monitor, SmartView Duo, SmartView HD, UltraStudio 4K, Teranex Express and DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G. “We already use Blackmagic products such as DaVinci Resolve in our Shiodome Studio. For Shibuya, we installed a DaVinci control surface in our new edit suite which also can be used as a screening room,” said Masaki Tanaka, post production technical department. “We built our facility to use any editing software including DaVinci Resolve in any edit suites. So we can switch software depending on the job. In the machine room, we installed seven SmartView Duos, a SmartView HD and an Audio Monitor. We also installed Micro Videohubs for each edit suite for distribution.”

Koji Kotaka, manager of the technical department, said, “We have an edit suite that supports 4K in our Shiodome Studio, and many clients want to use this suite. So we decided to make sure that all the new suites are 4K ready. We can make our offline rooms support 4K if we wish.”

“We have two extra Resolve licenses in the “Lab” where we do a lot of prep work, such as creating offline clips from original 4K material or ingest material for online edit. Various types of 4K material are brought here so we convert it to more edit friendly material like DNxHD or ProRes using Resolve,” added Kotaka.

“For jobs like ingesting or converting material using Resolve, usually two members of staff handle 10 computers. So, we use two MultiView 16s allowing us to check each computer’s GUI from one monitor. Because it can output in 4K, text looks clear even in 16 multiscreen. We can work more effectively.”

Tanaka and Tekeharu Nishina, the editor for the facility, mainly handle grading work at NiTRo and have already used Resolve for various projects. “Recently, we had a project to make a video to display on a big monitor at an event site from graded 6K footage shot in Palau,” said Nishina. “I used Resolve not only for grading but also for finishing. There are some composition shots I made using Resolve too. I placed multiple 4K images in a 6K resolution background. Resolve is a very useful tool allowing me to achieve my creative goal with sophisticated secondary colour correction”

Tanaka concluded, “One of the reasons we choose Blackmagic products is that their settings menus are easy to use. We often perform minor updates in our facility. With Blackmagic, we can test our equipment without bothering the system integrator.”

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