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Nur Islam FM Delivers Spiritual Programming with Studer

Mahajak Trio recently upgraded Nur Islam 93.3 FM’s studio with a Studer by HARMAN OnAir 1500 radio broadcast mixing console.

Founded in 1984 by Radio Television Brunei (RTB), Nur Islam 93.3 FM is a state-funded radio station with mostly religious programming, dedicated to helping listeners develop their spiritual lives. Alongside other RTB stations National FM, Pilihan FM, Pelangi FM and Harmoni FM, Nur Islam FM is one of the most popular radio stations in the nation of Brunei, with listeners tuning in online or over-the-air. To keep up with rising global broadcast standards, station managers reached out to audio distributor Mahajak Trio to replace the studio’s ageing mixing console with a digital mixing solution.

According to Mahajak Trio Senior Sales Manager, Lee Chin Kah, a key requirement to be considered was that the new console needed to be fully integrated with the studio’s existing MCR audio and control network such as talkback function between Master Control Room (MCR) and radio studio. In order to ensure premium audio quality for the station’s programming and seamless integration with the existing studio technology, Mahajak Trio selected the Studer OnAir 1500 radio broadcast mixing console.

“We required a reliable and flexible mixing solution that could interface with our MCR router system for both audio network and talkback functions,” said Ms. Ruzana, Audio Engineer, Nur Islam FM. “In a self-operated studio such as ours, an efficient workflow is critical to maintaining high production standards. We love the new Studer OnAir 1500 – the Touch ’n’ Action interface and intelligent control system is extremely intuitive, making it that much quicker to dial in a professional mix. We thank Mahajak Trio team for offering a hands-on training session and educating our team on the OnAir 1500’s more advanced features, giving our engineers the confidence to handle any situation.”

The Studer OnAir 1500 is a 12-channel console designed specifically for radio broadcasting and production. Innovative features like USB jingle playback/record and complete integration with radio automation systems make the OnAir 1500 the idea choice for stations like Nur Islam FM, which require a flexible compact mixing console for their production needs. Bridging the gap between on-air and production needs, the OnAir 1500 provides Nur Islam FM’s staff with the premium quality and efficient workflow needed to consistently produce great programming. Finally, the OnAir 1500’s built-in MADI network enabled Mahajak to interface the console with the studio’s existing MCR network router with zero latency issues, as well as connecting the station’s intercom panel to the Studer’s talkback function.

“It is a great privilege to be associated with Nur Islam 93.3 FM, one of Brunei’s longest-running radio stations,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP and GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We have a proud history of providing reliable and efficient production solutions to broadcasters, and we’re confident that the station’s new Studer OnAir 1500 console will ensure high-quality programming for a long time to come. We thank Mahajak Trio for their faith in Studer and HARMAN products, and for their constant innovation and customer-focused approach to satisfying their clients’ needs.”


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