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NZ Cinematographers Society Announces Accreditation Recipients

The New Zealand Cinematographers Society has announced its 2020 accreditation recipients (deferred to 2021 due to COVID-19).

According to the Society, “NZCS accreditation represents the highest level of achievement within NZCS and cinematography in general, and we have great pleasure in announcing our 2020 recipients. NZCS accreditation is recognition as a master cinematographer with a substantive body of work that reaches a consistently high, world-class standard.”

The recipients are:

Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS: Mark has over 25 years’ experience filming documentaries, TV commercials, music videos and feature films around the globe. He’s highly skilled in lighting design and camera operating for both studio and location shoots, often collaborating in many languages and cultures, with both large and small crews.

Mark particularly has a strong eye for natural beauty in landscapes, architecture and people. He’s been trusted with feature length documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC filming in Japan, South Korea, China, India, the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Mark’s work covers a range of genres from hand held documentary, to cinematic, moody dramatic scenes. He is represented by Bruce Everett at Dusty Road and is available internationally, ex New Zealand. With extensive experience across different genres and a keen interest in changing technology.

Mark continues to work on a diverse range of projects including his self- produced feature documentary ‘Soul Places’, beautifully crafted high end drama. Visit https://www.marklapwoodacs.com/

Neil Cervin NZCS BCS Began his career in Australia in 1982 as a Clapper Loader on Coca Cola commercials before moving on to become a freelance focus puller. In 1994, after 12 years as a focus puller working on many New Zealand and international features films, tv series and TV commercials Neil, bought a Steadicam and immediately started getting work as an operator and DOP on music videos, then tvc’s and features.

Today, Neil is based in Vancouver, Canada where he has been shooting features and TV Series for studios such as Disney, Sony, Netflix and Universal. His Cinematography work from there has taken him to the United States, Ukraine, Indonesia and Slovakia. He is currently Cinematographer on the new Warner Bros TV series Kung Fu.

Neil has received a number of Cinematography nominations including a Daytime Emmy for Disney’s Mech X4 and recently won the BC Leo Award for best Cinematography on a Dramatic Series for Netflix’s Van Helsing. Visit http://www.neilcervin.com/

Jacob Bryant NZCS is an award-winning Director of Photography with extensive experience working in inhospitable environments such as Afghanistan, Syria (before the war), Zimbabwe, and Gaza as well as studio and location-based drama but with a passion for documentary.

Jacob has filmed several festival feature documentaries over the past 10 years such as Yellow Is Forbidden, A Flickering Truth, Netflix Series, Dark Tourist, Chasing Great, Brother Number One, Capital In The 21st Century, Born Racer, and various TV shows from BBC Natural History Unit to National Geographic and Discovery as well as a wide range of content in New Zealand and Australia. Visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-bryant-4144b01a 

Visit https://www.nzcine.com 

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