Wednesday, April 24, 2024

NZCS Women in Camera Directory

The NZCS and WIFT are collaborating to create a ‘Women in Camera Directory’.

WIFT published and circulated widely a directory featuring female directors in 2016. Our collaborated version will be very similar, brought to the world by WIFT and the NZCS.

To make this a directory of substance, we will need all of our members who identify as female, non-binary, trans-femme, or other non cis-male genders, to feature. (There is no charge to be in the directory!)

Here is a template to complete (download) – its very easy! Meanwhile any feedback on the concept is welcome.

Please note that you may receive two emails if you are a member of both NZCS and WIFT. To ensure that we have all entries in one place, please just complete the template once and return it to

Let’s keep up the awareness-raising effort and continue our campaign to support our women in camera.


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