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Monday, July 22, 2024

NZ’s MediaWorks and Spark Launch Groundbreaking CGI Billboard

In a New Zealand first, a pioneering campaign for Spark Game Arena Live, an interactive gaming tournament, is using cutting-edge CGI technology. The collaboration between MediaWorks, PHD and Spark launched on Sunday June 30, intriguing audiences across the spectrum of MediaWorks’ audio, digital and outdoor assets.

Crafted by Assembly, in the CGI creative a prominent MediaWorks’ billboard comes alive, virtually teasing the date of the upcoming gaming event across social media channels. ‘Discovered’ and shared by The Edge Nights host Cal Payne, with his strong gaming following, it was then amplified by The Edge Breakfast with Clint, Meg and Dan, who will continue to build hype and awareness in coming weeks.

The campaign makes full use of MediaWorks’ omnichannel offering. Strategic placement of the campaign’s high-impact visuals on MediaWorks’ digital billboards ensures maximum reach and awareness, while the integration with The Edge’s social media and audio platforms creates a cohesive and powerful narrative.

The campaign was spearheaded by Spark Game Arena Lead, Ally Young: “It’s been amazing to work on this campaign – and MediaWorks has made it fun! Seeing global CGI executions have such a strong impact, we knew we had to bring this to the New Zealand market. And in what better a category than gaming? Being able to capture the moment in viewers’ minds of ‘wait, did that really happen?!’ is not often achieved, and we’re really happy with how things turned out. This CGI execution gives Aotearoa a taste of what to expect at Spark Game Arena Live in September.”

MediaWorks Acting Commercial Director Gerhard Simanke emphasised the campaign’s unique approach, stating, “This campaign is a perfect example of how innovative creative can be deployed across audio, outdoor, and social channels to deliver high impact and attention. We can combine the mass reach of outdoor with a more targeted approach by tapping into The Edge’s huge following in the 18 – 39 age group. Our audiences are a perfect match to launch this next era of gaming with Spark.”


Spark: Ally Young, SGA lead, Hunter Haines, SGA Brand and Comms lead, Elizabeth Lang, SGA CX lead, Alex Stoneman, SGA Partnerships lead, William Kellick, SGA Social lead

PHD Media: Kara Harris – Account Director, Monica Wales – Business Director

MediaWorks: Charlotte Bowerman – Group Head, Agency, Luke Farmer – GM Client Solutions, Cara Allan-Northey – Senior Account Director

Assembly: Jonny Kofoed – Director, Jane Oak – Executive Producer, Elliot Stronge – 3D Animator, Gary Sullivan – 3D Animator, Matt Wilson – 3D Animator, William Bardebes – Motion Design

Creative Agency: Colenso


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