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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Optus 5G Speeds into Bathurst

Bathurst has become the first regional location in Australia to get access to Optus 5G.

Optus has switched on six 5G sites across the region to bring the future of technology to Bathurst with ultra-fast speeds to eligible residents and businesses.

5G connectivity in Bathurst will help bring to life and enable new applications such as augmented and virtual reality, create opportunities for local businesses to further digitalise and drive efficiencies in their business, as well as offering fast 5G on the go and in the home, with multiple devices able to stream high definition content at the one time.

Imagine for example the future of the Bathurst 1000 where you can watch the race live from Mount Panorama with 200,000 spectators, while tapping into 5G technology to receive up to date statistics, information about cars and drivers using augmented reality overlay and potentially even a birds eye view from the driver’s seat in real time.

“Optus 5G is now live in Bathurst – the first regional town in Australia to feel the benefit of our fantastic 5G service. Optus customers in parts of Bathurst can now connect to the network both in the home via our multi-award winning 5G Home Internet, and on-the-go, for those with 5G enabled mobile devices,” said Andrew Sheridan, Optus Vice President, Regulatory and Public Affairs.

“5G is a game changer for the way we live, work and play offering incredible speed and capacity and I can’t wait for the residents of Bathurst to experience and benefit from this truly transformative technology firsthand.”

This announcement further demonstrates Optus’ ongoing commitment to the Central West NSW region.

“In the last twelve months alone, we have invested over $1.2 million in the region. We’re proud to have more than 20 Optus sites already in operation in Bathurst and are delighted to be complementing this by upgrading six of these sites with 5G capabilities,” added Mr Sheridan.

Optus 5G Home Internet service has been designed for optimal download speeds with data showing that video streaming is a very common use case for residential households.

One of the key advantages of Optus 5G Home is simple installation for immediate access to fast broadband. Optus has eliminated the need to wait for a technician to install the service as you can do it yourself at home, whenever it suits. The Optus 5G Home Internet plan also offers customers a 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee with unlimited data.

Optus has over 1,100 5G sites now live in Australia with over 830,000 households now eligible to receive Optus 5G Home Internet.


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