Thursday, May 23, 2024

Optus Licks Lag for Gamers

Optus is targeting the Australian PC gaming communitywith the launch of Game Path, designed to improve the gaming experience for serious PC gamers by routing traffic over the most optimal internet path available, and designed to reduce lag and provide an overall smoother PC gaming connection.

With COVID-19 lockdown, there has been a significant leap in gaming popularity with some global telcos reporting that gaming internet traffic is up 75% since quarantine came into effect.

Offered as a AUD$10 add-on initially to Optus nbn customers, and for people who game regularly on international servers, the Windows 10 application is designed to reduce lag and spikes, resulting in a faster, smoother connection when playing online with Optus data showing Game Path can reduce lag on average by 30%.

VP, TV, Content & Product Development, Clive Dickens said, “Optus is already ranked as #1 for NBN download speeds by the ACCC for the last four quarters. Game Path will add another dimension to our Optus NBN service offering for serious gamers by addressing lag and going a long way to reduce it where it occurs – outside of the home on the open internet.”

In addition, Optus’ Queen St flagship store in Brisbane has just opened its door with a state-of-the-art gaming centre which doubles as an avenue to showcase Game Path in action, as well as being the home of Optus’ recent eSports signing, The Chiefs team, where they will conduct their training and streaming.


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