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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Optus, Singtel, Ericsson and OPPO Dial-In for 5G Video Call

Optus has successfully made an end-to-end 5G video test call whilst simultaneously streaming video content on a 4G device with the Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology.

Utilising the Optus 5G network in Australia and Singtel’s pilot 5G network in Singapore, the inter-country video call was made with a pre-commercial OPPO 5G device equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System while also video streaming content on a 4G device connected to the same spectrum. The Optus network was able to assign spectrum resources on both 4G and 5G switching between them in milliseconds to support the different service video demands from both users.

The test call demonstrates the benefits of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, which rather than dedicating spectrum to one technology which is the case today, allows the same spectrum to be used at the same time for both 4G and 5G, with the network base stations controlling the allocation of spectrum.

“While we have customers benefitting from our 5G network, both in the home and on the go, we are busy behind the scenes looking at how we can maximise the future benefits of 5G,” said Kent Wu, Head of Access Network Planning & Quality.

“Optus is one of the first few operators in the world to demonstrate this Dynamic Spectrum Sharing with end to end capability. Our 4G network currently covers 97.3 percent of Australians and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing will enable us to efficiently manage our spectrum assets in a way that addresses the needs of our existing 4G customers whilst also assisting to widen our 5G coverage and unlocking new video experience services on 5G.”

“Spectrum sharing is an important next step in our strategy to focus on video experience for our customers and this will play a key role in enabling us to deliver an incredible 4K Ultra HD Live Streaming sports and 4K SVOD entertainment content experience on our Optus 5G network in 2020.”

“We continue to work closely with technology partners around the globe to ensure that we are ahead of the game when it comes to the implementation of future 5G technologies. With the scale of the Singtel Group we are able to tap into and be an integral part of key advancements in 5G technology which will ultimately benefit our customers here in Australia,” added Mr Wu.

From June 2020, Optus will launch 4K Ultra HD Live Streaming exclusive football content on Optus Sport which will mean that Optus 5G Home customers can enjoy selected games from the Euro 2020 tournament, the 2020/21 Champions League and the 2020/21 Premier League in stunning 4K Ultra HD Live Streaming quality. Optus will also deliver the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 4K Ultra HD which will be exclusively available to Optus 5G Home customers via Fetch Mighty Boxes.


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