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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Oranda Adds Resources to Extend Value to Emerging Sports in Asia

Singapore based Oranda Private Limited has chosen to add to its already extensive pool of Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) services through the addition of Haivision’s Makito X H.264 encoders, supplied and supported by local integrator Techtel Pte Ltd.

As a business with over 20 years of experience in Asia, Oranda have the runs on the board to prove that they know what it takes to get the job done in areas where broadcasting video can be a challenge.  The Makito X encoders fit this strategy like a glove since Haivision are the original developer of SRT; a technology designed for connecting video between venues and TV Stations that is fast becoming an industry revolution since Haivision’s decision to open source the technology in 2017.

The Makito X encoders are famous for low latency encoding but to add to this Haivision have continued to develop leading technologies like Network Adaptive Encoding.  Network Adaptive Encoding is so clever that it detects the bandwidth of your internet connection and automatically adjusts the encoder settings to provide the best possible picture quality over the connection that is available.  All this in a small blade style package that can either be installed in a highly redundant dense rack frame (MB-21X), or individually in field-hardened compact cases that are ready to go to some of the most remote locations on earth.

CEO of Oranda, Floris Molijn said ”Our vision is to provide turnkey broadcast solutions to the worlds leading broadcasters from some of the most challenging locations around the world, especially in Asia which we call home.  We will continue to expand our capabilities with solutions like the Haivision Makito X to ensure that we can respond faster than any of our competitors to changing world events.”

Susan Lim, Techtel Territory Manager added, “We are inspired when we work with businesses that are similar to ours; privately founded and built up over time through hard but inspired work.  We will be going the extra mile for Oranda every chance we get to ensure that this partnership can make a real difference to both our businesses.”

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