Saturday, May 25, 2024

OzTAM to Transform BVOD Ad Trading with VOZ Streaming

Measurement body OzTAM has announced VOZ Streaming, which it says will provide Australia’s first solution for enhanced multi-broadcaster programmatic BVOD trading.

Using a single dataset, VOZ Streaming will enable advertisers to aggregate the scale of free-to-air BVOD (broadcaster video on demand) services while managing reach and frequency across participating platforms.

VOZ Streaming will also empower advertisers to anticipate and incorporate co-viewing on connected TV sets in their planning and buying strategies.

Currently being developed in Australia with extensive industry input, VOZ Streaming will make BVOD advertising inventory easier to buy in a privacy-first manner, and enable demographically-focused trading using a common OzTAM dataset.

VOZ Streaming will also allow programmatically-traded inventory to be post-analysed against the VOZ Total TV database, revealing the incremental reach that BVOD delivers to a broadcast television campaign.

Importantly, VOZ Streaming will introduce a new method of transacting BVOD in addition to the broadcasters’ current direct and programmatic BVOD trading models, bringing greater choice to the marketplace.

VOZ Streaming will deploy a common, anonymised, universal audience identifier, creating a consistent measure for reach (number of unique viewers) and frequency (number of times a viewer sees an advertisement) – commonly known as ‘R&F’ – across participating broadcasters’ programmatic BVOD inventory.

OzTAM’s Interim CEO, Dorus van den Biezenbos, said OzTAM continues to extensively consult with the industry-at-large, listening to the voice of the customer and responding to their needs.

“With the benefit of stakeholder perspectives and the shift towards VOZ and a Total TV proposition, we are confident that VOZ Streaming will help address advertisers’ and media agencies’ calls for a simplified, universal approach to BVOD trading across broadcasters.

“VOZ Streaming is designed to overcome the challenges of fragmentation and inefficiencies including: bespoke, duplicated administration and reporting across broadcasters; overlapping target audiences; inability to include co-viewing in campaign planning and post-analysis; frequency capping concerns; and the lack of unified datasets across the industry,” van den Biezenbos said.

“VOZ Streaming supports OzTAM’s mission to deliver a world-class all-screen audience measurement service, and develop new tools and data that allow broadcasters to maximise their audiences, and advertisers to reach them.”

Van den Biezenbos added that VOZ Streaming is now entering the testing phase, incorporating broad industry consultation and feedback from broadcasters, media agencies, third-party software suppliers, and leading ad tech providers.

Lessons from this phase will determine the launch timing, anticipated in calendar 2024.

OzTAM is working closely with all participants to support the smooth adoption of these new enhancements to transacting multi-broadcaster BVOD.


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