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Panasonic Equips Tokyo 2020 National Stadium

Panasonic Corporation has delivered a wide range of equipment essential to operation of Japan’s new National Stadium in Tokyo, including large screen displays and audio systems, stadium lights, and approximately 600 digital signage systems.

The new National Stadium was built on the site of the old National Stadium, which served as the Olympic Stadium during Tokyo 1964 (demolished in 2015). During Tokyo 2020, the new National Stadium will host the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies and competitions such as track and field. Based on the concept, “a stadium in forest,” it was designed to incorporate elements of nature such as greenery and trees, yet, it is also equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies.

Panasonic delivered AV and lighting equipment essential to enlivening the competitions as well as other facilities essential to stadium operation and for spectators to get around. Panasonic also installed two approx. 9m x 32m large screen displays on both the north and south sides of the stands, in addition to 38 line array speakers that consistently deliver clear sound ensuring sound pressure even on the field, far away from the speakers. The lighting equipment not only illuminates the field of play, but can be turned on/off instantly, enabling the use of lighting for spectator entertainment. The system also has adopted a light source that has been designed to optimise colour reproducibility during TV broadcasts. For the stands, Panasonic delivered 600 digital signage systems that can be remotely controlled to provide information to spectators. Different information can be delivered in each concourse area, so information can be efficiently relayed to spectators. Panasonic also provided eco-friendly air conditioning systems.

The equipment provided includes:

Large screen display systems

South side: Approx. 9m high, 32m wide

North side: Approx. 9m high, 36m wide (including 4m for the turret clock, 45-minute counter, and running timer)

Resolution: Full HD

Audio systems

Line array speakers (competition audio): 8 barrels x 24 units, 4 barrels x 14 units; a total of 38 units.

The RAMSA audio system line array speakers, WS-LA4WP, was delivered. The ideal linear sound source was brought to life by selecting the unit optimal for the acoustic characteristics demanded of stadiums, theaters, and event halls, and employing the waveguide horn design. Here are the key features of these speakers that satisfy the acoustic characteristics of large spaces: (1) Amplify sound clearly near or far, in a very large venue; (2) Create optimal sound thanks to the high resolution simulation software; (3) Feature a metal mounting structure that realizes both workability and safety.

Lighting equipment in the stands

For competitions – Approx. 1,300 units

For spectators – Approx. 200 units among others

LED floodlights “Stadium Beam”, utilizes cutting-edge technology to realize the optimal color reproducibility and high speed image reproduction for 4K/8K broadcasts. 4K/8K broadcasts can reproduce color more vividly than Full HD. Panasonic has developed floodlights that offer the optimal colour reproducibility for 4K/8K broadcasts – an average colour rendering index of Ra 90 plus a special color rendering index of R9 80 for red tones. Moreover, by adopting ignition technology, the floodlights minimize flickering during high speed reproduction of slow motion footage, etc. With these two technologies, Panasonic will support high quality image expression for 4K/8K broadcasts. The floodlights create an optimal lighting environment that satisfies the lighting design standards, but is less glaringly bright when people look up. With proprietary light distribution design technology, the floodlights optimally narrow the focus of the light from the light source to significantly reduce glare. The floodlights will clearly illuminate the competitors’ field of view and the way within the stadium for spectators.

Digital signage

Digital signage: Approx. 600 units

Utilising Panasonic’s digital signage solution, “AcroSign”, a wide range of content from core industry systems including sightseeing information for inbound travelers and information from L Alert (Public Information Commons), etc. can be delivered to systems that cater to needs of different customers. Moreover, by combining an extensive range of Panasonic devices and a rich power of expression, Panasonic will provide a new value for signage. By taking advantage of the collective power of the Panasonic group, extensive range of audio-visual technologies, and the wealth of experience in installation and operation, Panasonic will provide large-scale stadium solutions that can create an electrifying environment that integrates and flexibly operates multiple screens.


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