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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Partnership for Australia’s SLR Productions and Malaysia’s Giggle Garage

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Australia’s SLR Productions and Malaysia’s Giggle Garage have announced a collaborative partnership which commences with SLR Productions’ recently announced new original CGI animated series, SPACE NOVA.

SLR Productions’ Executive Producer Suzanne Ryan together with Giggle Garage’s Executive Producers, Juhaidah Joemin and Zeno Gabing anticipate a range of creative and financial cooperative opportunities between their studios.

“SLR Productions is honoured to work with Giggle Garage’s Juhaidah Joemin and Zeno Gabing. SPACE NOVA is guaranteed to be a fun and thrilling space adventure and is providing a great framework for our studios to collaborate both creatively and financially in the future,” said SLR Productions’ CEO and Executive Producer, Suzanne Ryan.

“Today’s announcement with SLR Productions is another solid step in our journey in creating character entertainment properties for family and kids to enjoy around the world. We are inspired by Suzanne and her team’s vision in creating great content and are super excited to partner with them on future projects,” said Giggle Garage’s Executive Director, Zeno Gabing.

Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Minister YB Gobind Singh Deo commented, “We are delighted to see our Malaysian animation companies partner with international producers and distributors: this is another validation of the skills and talents of Malaysia’s creative technology and digital content creators. Indeed, the animation industry here has a long track record of producing and creating world-class IP, which currently surpasses 38 IPs. This has generated more than RM 237mil revenue, more than 55% of which comprises exports to 120 countries. The government will continue to focus on developing our animation ecosystem, which includes talent growth to empower Malaysia’s position as a regional digital content creation hub. Giggle Garage, a company helmed by two Sabahans, based in Cyberjaya, has created stories and characters that are travelling around the world, and symbolises the diversity, skill and talent that makes Malaysia stand out in the digital arena.”

Warmly welcoming the announcement, Surina Shukri, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), commented, “This is a testament that the Malaysian creative industry is truly one of the most exciting in the region with original IP creation and animation services being a core driver in this sector. It is inspirational to see one of Malaysia’s tech champions, Giggle Garage, produce this series together with SLR Productions, Super RTL, ZDF Enterprises and other key international partners.”

SPACE NOVA, an original SLR Productions’ programme, commissioned by SUPER RTL, ABC Australia and NINE Network, received major production funding from Screen Australia and is also financed with support from Create NSW.

With development funding from SUPER RTL, ABC Australia and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), SPACE NOVA will be distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises, excluding Australia and New Zealand, which is being handled by ACTF.

SPACE NOVA comprises 26 x 24 minute episodes specifically geared to a global six to nine year old audience.

It’s the year 2162, and life is a blast for space adventuring siblings, Jet and Adelaide Nova. Along with their parents, Josie and Hugo, these intrepid Aussie astronauts spend their days hopping rogue planets, dodging exploding asteroid belts, surfing solar flares, falling through intergalactic wormholes, avoiding being eaten by all kinds of plantimals and even meeting the odd space slug, all in the name of science. But what the Nova family really want to do is meet a real life intelligent extra-terrestrial life form – something humanity has yet to do, probably because even by 2162 our technology can still barely get us to the edge of our own galaxy, let along the millions of others beyond it!

Then everything changes…

Production credit: SPACE NOVA is a SLR production for SUPER RTL, ABC Australia and the NINE Network. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Giggle Garage. Financed with support from Create NSW.

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