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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Philippines’ TV5 Selects ENENSYS for ISDB-T Roll-Out

ENENSYS Technologies, the provider of media delivery solutions, has delivered a complete distribution solution for Filipino broadcaster TV5’s new ISDB-T digital terrestrial TV network. The first phase with coverage of Mega-Manila is now on-air, with the second phase to provide services in major cities throughout the Philippines to be completed during this year.

The solution supplied includes:

  • A fully redundant OneBeam ISDB-T distribution system that has enabled TV5 to make use of their parent company CIGNAL’s existing satellite DTH system to feed TV5’s new DTT transmitters throughout the Philippines.
  • Backup distribution over IP links to major transmitter sites
  • Seamless switching between main and backup feeds
  • EdgeProbe Advanced probes for monitoring transmitter sites
  • GlobalViewer network management system
  • StreamProbe monitoring system for all IP links
  • EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) support

The system has been supplied through ProAce, the Philippines systems integrator and reseller of ENENSYS, after extensive testing by the TV5 and CIGNAL teams.

ENENSYS’ OneBeam ISDB solution enables ISDB-T transmitters to be fed using DVB-standard distribution over satellite or IP networks. Adaption from DVB to ISDB-T is performed at transmitter sites with the ENENSYS TxEdge-ISDB. The ISDB-T configuration and SFN timing are controlled with ENENSYS SmartGate-ISDB units at the head-end.

The system is fully redundant and ENENSYS ASIIPGuard and IPGuard seamless switches are used for main/backup switching. The satellite distribution is encrypted so the system also incorporates ENENSYS TSDescrambler with ProCam modules to decrypt the satellite feed for free-to-air terrestrial broadcast.

EdgeProbe Advanced monitoring probes are used at all transmitter sites to monitor both the ISDB-T BTS input as well as the transmitter RF output. GlobalViewer is installed at the TV5 NOC to monitor all transmitter sites. StreamProbe is used to monitor all IP transport streams, not only for TV5 but also CIGNAL’s DTH services between their East Avenue head-end and Porac satellite uplink.

Benet Galang, Head of Network Engineering at Cignal said, “We are pleased to find this OneBeam solution by Enensys that has enabled us to adapt our DVB satellite distribution to an ISDB-T transport to our DTT transmitters efficiently. We also have been looking for an integrated monitoring solution that will help us in the maintenance and operation of all our Broadcast transmission and we are glad to find EdgeProbe solution meets this requirement.”

Colin Prior, ENENSYS VP Sales for APAC said, “We are delighted that TV5 have selected the ENENSYS ISDB-T solution for their DTT network. We have worked closely with TV5 throughout their evaluation of our solution. We were able to provide a complete solution meeting all of TV5’s requirements, including SFN operation and monitoring.”

George Chan, CEO of ProAce said, “We are honored that TV5 Philippines has decided to deploy Enensys OneBeam ISDBT solution for their DTT Rollout project. As the local partner of Enensys in the Philippines, it has been a challenging yet fulfilling journey for me and my team knowing that we were able to cope with TV5’s expectations. We look forward to helping TV5 in the expansion of their DTT network.”


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