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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PTW Announces Flagship India Studio in Bangalore

PTW, the industry-leading video games and tech services outsourcer, today announced the opening of their new India flagship studio in Bangalore. PTW is a long-time industry leader with an established and diverse dossier of top-tier clients across multiple verticals.

“We launched our first site in India eight years ago. Since then, our needs have changed significantly, and we are launching this new site to better fit market demands,” said Deborah Kirkham, CEO of PTW. “The impetus for opening this new site was threefold. One, we need to expand to meet our growing client needs. Two, we want our people to come to work at a beautiful site that reflects our brand aesthetic. And lastly, this site opening enables us to update our technology infrastructure without any lag time being passed on to our clients.”

Sijo Jose, President of North America and India, added, “PTW is a people-first company; our teams are our highest priority. We’ve been in our current site for five years, and the market has changed dramatically in India during that time. Our priority is enabling our clients to manage their quickly shifting needs, as well as building upon our status as category leaders across our industry verticals. The new site launch enables us to better incorporate our brand aesthetic into our Bangalore flagship. We value our positive and inclusive company culture, and we are very proud of the new environment we’re creating for our teams.”

Bangalore is PTW’s India flagship site hosting both Customer Experience and Quality Assurance teams. The Bangalore site opened in 2001 as part of the e4e umbrella of companies. When PTW acquired e4e in 2012, the Bangalore site became part of PTW’s growing global presence. Since then, the site has seen rapid growth and is now expanding to over 500 seats in a single location.

“We are proud to be a part of the gaming community in India. Empowering the gamers of this community is core to our company mission,” Kirkham said. “Expanding into a new Bangalore site not only enables us to grow with our clients’ needs – we’re also proud to be building new employment opportunities and economic activity across Bangalore.”


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