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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Quincy Jones’ Qwest TV Available Down Under on Samsung TV Plus

Qwest TV is announcing a partnership with Samsung Australia, adding its three music-focused channels to all models of Samsung TV Plus. Co-founded by music icon Quincy Jones (pictured left), the premium music-related video service will appear as a featured channel on the Samsung Smart TV platform.

Qwest TV’s F.A.S.T channels – Qwest TV Jazz & Beyond (jazz, soul/funk, world), Qwest TV Classical (opera, dance, classical concerts from all over the world), and Qwest TV Mix (hip hop, electronic, indie rock, and more) – will give more music fans, access to some of the best, thoughtfully curated performances and documentaries from performers from around the world. Access and exploration are key parts of how Qwest TV’s co-founders Jones and Réza Ackbaraly (pictured right) envisioned the service.

“This partnership with Samsung Australia is meaningful to our mission,” states Ackbaraly. “It increases the number of people who can tune into our channels and learn about our offerings. This growth will foster deeper engagement with and encourage enjoyment of classic gems and new, high-calibre music.”

Samsung TV Plus gives viewers instant access to the top news, sports, entertainment, and more. It’s 100% free and doesn’t require any downloads, credit cards, subscriptions or additional devices – just an internet connection. With more than 600 channels, Samsung TV Plus is already available in select regions including the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Korea. In these countries alone there are millions of active monthly users.

The partnership harmonizes with Qwest TV’s mission to bring powerful music to people wherever they are and whatever their background and listening habits.

“Jazz conditioned me to be an open thinker, and taught me how to improvise in nearly every area of my life,” reflects Quincy Jones. “It has always been focused on freedom and pure imagination, through an absolutely beautiful and nonrigid, democratic perspective on music and the world. Qwest TV mirrors that, letting viewers discover all these gems for free.”

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