Wednesday, April 17, 2024 Extends Workflow Partnership with Grabyo

Australian premier thoroughbred racing media organisation, which offers content across broadcast, digital and social media platforms, has extended its partnership with Grabyo to continue building and engaging its fanbase.

Over the past year, has used Grabyo’s cloud-native tools to expand its video content capabilities, driving awareness for the sport with new, digital-first content formats.

Over the past year, has delivered about 1000 clips per month, on average, across Facebook, Twitter, and Brightcove to reach fans on their preferred platform with content optimized for each destination. has achieved this scale using Grabyo’s live clipping and editing platforms, which has simplified its video production workflows. Clips can be clipped, edited and published to multiple social, mobile and OTT destinations simultaneously in the cloud, without the need to re-edit or create the same video more than once.

This streamlined workflow allows its team to rapidly react and share highlights from the biggest moments as they happen, delivering videos to fans at the right place and time. This has enabled to position its channels as the primary destinations for horseracing content.

Its team has collaborated remotely from the safety of their own homes during stay-at-home measures using just a laptop and a stable internet connection due to the flexibility that only cloud-based working with Grabyo allows.

Moving into the next two years of’s partnership with Grabyo, it will continue to scale its use of Grabyo’s cloud-based tools to produce more clips and build out its content capabilities, but will also develop its workflow to add another dimension to its offering. will use Grabyo Editor to create longer-form video segments and compilation videos, also increasing its accessibility and driving longer watch times with closed captions – which can be automatically transcribed and overlaid in Grabyo Editor. The vast majority of social media users watch video on these platforms without sound and will shift its video strategy to suit the needs of its fans.

“It’s a transformative time for media services in Australia and witnessing the scale and quality that has been able to achieve really highlights the transformative nature of cloud for video production” adds Elliot Renton – EVP of APAC, Grabyo. “With the growth of full-scale simultaneous online streaming by our broadcast partners and the continued increase in live production and online distribution of video content in Australia, we are excited to deliver even more benefits of our cloud technology to”


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