Friday, May 24, 2024

Radio Must be Exempt from Lockdown

Industry body Commercial Radio Australia has called on Federal and State/Territory Governments to ensure radio broadcast operations and broadcast staff are exempt from any lockdowns due to the coronavirus crisis and are able to stay on air to provide essential information.

CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner said that CRA has contacted the office of the Prime Minister, Communications Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers.

“It is vital that provisions are made for radio station staff, including on-air presenters, journalists and technical teams to be exempt from any lockdowns or travel restrictions,” she said.

“We want to remind Premiers and Chief Ministers, as they consider urgent state and territory lockdown provisions, that the business of radio should be deemed essential and must go on.

“Radio station staff may need to attend various broadcast facilities and locations, including across state borders, to ensure services remain on air.

“Nearly 80% of Australians listen to commercial radio and we are committed to continuing to provide a trusted communications channel for Australians through our live broadcasts and working closely with Federal and State/Territory governments to keep Australians fully informed through this crisis.”


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