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Monday, July 22, 2024

Radio Television Hong Kong Launches AI Lab

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has opened an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the SAR’s Kwun Tong district.

According to the Hong Kong public broadcaster, it is committed to exploring the possibility of applying artificial intelligence technology to programme production, allowing programme producers more creative space to improve work efficiency and programme quality.

At the same time, the AI Lab is also used to promote media education, allowing young students to understand the integration of AI and television production through visiting facilities, inspiring creative thinking, and emphasising the ethical responsibilities of applying AI, including honesty (such as labelling the use of artificial intelligence-assisted production), respect for intellectual property rights, and being aware that the generated content may be biased, etc.

In line with the rapid development of technology and new trends in media operations, RTHK AI Lab is equipped with a number of artificial intelligence software tools to help improve the efficiency of programme production. These include tools such as language conversion, old film restoration, video and photo quality improvement, video and photo noise removal, video super slow motion quality improvement, text generation for images and videos, and clothing conversion.

Accoridng to RTHK, these software tools can not only shorten the production time, but also greatly improve the quality of the picture. RTHK has introduced a variety of systems, including a Motion Capture System, an Unreal Engine with High Performance Computer, and a video editing system and recording mixing system loaded with AI functions, etc., to provide the production team with more diversified room for performance.


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