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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Riedel Presents Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre with Appreciation Award

Riedel Communications Australia presented the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) with its inaugural Appreciation Award at the Integrate Expo in Melbourne on August 27. The Riedel Appreciation Award recognises the confidence shown by MCEC in Riedel solutions and acknowledges the contributions of the venue management team in delivering a great result.

Over the last two years, the MCEC has become a flagship client for Riedel Communications Australia. Riedel worked with the team at MCEC to design and deliver integrated communications solutions based on Riedel’s Artist and Bolero product lines. Previously, MCEC used a mix of analog wired and digital wireless solutions from various providers.

MCEC is the first convention center in Australia to install the Bolero Wireless system. The two-year journey started with MCEC identifying the need to renew the production communications system for its 5500-seat plenary. The MCEC team chose the Riedel system after comprehensive testing concluded that the wireless performance of the Bolero solution enabled full wireless coverage throughout the entire convention center, not just the plenary.

The system comprises of multiple fiber-connected Artist matrix frames and a mix of RSP and DSP SmartPanels. The Bolero wireless component is integrated directly with the Artist system, allowing the Bolero belt packs to behave as wireless panels in the Artist matrix. There are 21 Bolero antennas distributed across the whole facility that connect back to the Artist matrix frames via MCEC’s network infrastructure.

“The Riedel Artist and Bolero systems allow us to provide seamless communication across and between any of our venues. All configuration is available in in an easy-to-use central application. This means our technicians don’t have to work with separate solutions for managing the different parts of the intercom systems,” said Michael Walker, Infrastructure and Equipment Manager at MCEC. “The reliability, sound quality, and flexibility of Artist and Bolero are the most important features to MCEC.”

“As MCEC is one of the largest and most progressive convention centers in Australia, we are delighted that our Bolero and Artist systems have worked so well for this key customer,” said John Bell, General Manager, Riedel Australia. “I was very happy to present this award to the MCEC during Integrate 2019, in the presence of many of Australia’s key AV companies and experts.”


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