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Rising Sun Pictures Conjures VFX Magic for Chinese Blockbuster

In a project spanning six months, Rising Sun Pictures produced 86 visual effects shots for Animal World, the new fantasy adventure film that debuted to considerable fanfare at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival and is currently in international release.

The work drew on the full gamut of the studio’s core strengths and included everything from a card-playing creature to a loopy dream sequence, a mind-blowing car chase and a moody hero shot of “Destiny,” the hulking freighter-turned-floating-casino that serves as the film’s primary location.

Produced by Shanghai Ruyi Film and TV Production Co., Ltd, Shanghai Huolongguo Film and TV Production Co., Ltd; distributed by Beijing Enlight Pictures and directed by Yan Han (Go Away, Mr. Tumor), Animal World is based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji.

The film centres on a young man named Zheng Kaisi (Li Yi Feng) who becomes trapped on a gambling ship operated by a menacing impresario (Michael Douglas) and is forced to take part in a violent game whose stakes are continually ratcheting up. Animal World marked RSP’s first major project for a Chinese film production aimed at an international audience.

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