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Monday, June 17, 2024

Ross Hyperconverges with Innovative Production Services

Ross Video recently presented its entire Hyperconverged platform to the Australian industry at a two-day event in Sydney. The event included presentations from senior Ross Video personnel and experts and long-time Hyperconverged client, Innovative Production Services.

The event was opened by Ross Video Regional Sales Manager – Oceania, Kyle Le Roux and Director of Sales for Asia Pac, Simon Roehrs, who detailed the companies 32 years of consistent growth, its code of ethics and plans for the future that centre around further acquisitions, expansion and the new Hyperconverged philosophy, products and platform.

Ross Video’s definition of Hyperconverged is, “Combining what were formerly multiple independent products into a unified, software-defined package that works together.”

Next up was Ross Video’s Hyperconverged specialist and Product Manager – Signal Processing, Darren Ward, who gave the crowd details on Hyperconverged’s economics and efficiencies, how Hyperconverged is now possible through the evolution of technology, the advantages and flexibility of Hyperconvergence and how Hyperconvergence streamlines workflows and increases sustainability.

Ward also explained in detail the company’s game-changing version of its award-winning Ultrix Router – the 12G ready Ultrix FR12, which is their ultimate routing, multi-viewer and signal processing platform for studios, OB vans and flypacks.

He went on to demonstrate how, as a true software defined platform, customers immediately enjoy significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility, especially relative to competitive hybrid routers.

He showed the FR12 to be as attractive as it is powerful and clever, with its appealing smart door that’s an LCD display designed to help with monitoring your system, troubleshooting, configuring, and control via a high-resolution, full-size touchscreen panel.

In short, Ward demonstrated that the routing, processing, and switching capability in the FR12 is very hard to beat.

The headline speaker at the event was Innovative Production Services’ (Innovative) director, Jeremy Koch, who explained in great detail how his company purchased an OB vehicle during the Covid pandemic and fitted it out with the very latest Ross Video Hyperconverged products including a Ross Ultrix Carbonite, Ultrix FR5 and several other Ross products and solutions creating a hybrid broadcast truck.

Innovative’s new hybrid broadcast truck has been a great success with Koch explaining, “Starting with Ross’ 12G-SDI now means that everything works instantly for us and it’s a known signal format for all of our team. It offers immediate benefits especially when it comes to supporting 4K workflows. Also, with the Ultrix system, if and when we need to jump to ST-2110, we can by simply swapping out an IO blade.”

According to Koch the Ross Hyperconverged products and solutions easily met all of their key requirements for the truck by offering the upgrade path they were looking for and more and to that end, “We are just about to place another order for a comprehensive Ross Video graphics solution that equips our operators in the truck with real-time motion graphics capabilities.”

The event was interspersed with full demonstrations of the Ultrix FR12 and other key Ross Video Hyperconverged solutions making it educational and particularly worthwhile for all attendees.

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