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Sunday, July 14, 2024

SBS Audio Calls Out for Podcast Pitches

The SBS Audio podcast call out returns for its third consecutive year, inviting pitches for new and distinctive content for SBS’s growing audio audiences.

From novices to veteran podcasters, SBS wants to hear your podcast ideas that feature diverse Australian voices with original storytelling for multicultural, multilingual and First Nations audiences.

Categories for Submission

Submissions are now open to the public to pitch an idea for a podcast in the categories of news, information or entertainment categories and in any language including English.

Last year’s call out generated 175 pitches from across Australia, eight pilot episodes and six commissioned projects including BLA.C.K. Medicine, SEEN, and The Idiom.

Collaboration with SBS Audio

Shortlisted submissions will be invited to work with the award-winning SBS Audio podcast team to further develop their ideas. SBS has more than 6 million streams and downloads each month.

David Hua, Director of Audio and Language Content at SBS, said the podcast call out is another opportunity to amplify diverse voices and bring nuanced stories to a larger audience.

“We’re incredibly proud of SBS Audio’s distinctive podcast offering which continues to grow and tell stories from all walks of Australian life and we were thrilled to be named Best Publisher at the Australian Podcast Awards in 2022,” he said.

“SBS Audio is in a unique position to commission projects in any of our over 60 languages, but also produce bilingual and multilingual podcasts which help capture the nuances of migrant and cross-cultural experiences.”

SBS Digital Audio and Podcast Manager, Caroline Gates said, “It’s been exciting to see these commissioned projects reach new audiences for SBS and many have gone on to win industry awards, so it’s an excellent opportunity for both established and emerging podcasters to turn a great idea into a great podcast with the support of SBS Audio.”

Submission Deadline

Submissions close on Monday 31 July and must be made through the online form on the SBS website.


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