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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

SCA Launches Study to Prove Creative Best Practice for Audio Ads


SCA, Australia’s No.1 creator of audio content, has launched a study that seeks to prove audio’s ability to launch and build brands and experiment with creative best practice, using a proprietary 3D audio site, Sound Bubble.

A study into four different creative executions in different markets using Sound Bubble across the Hit and Triple M networks over an eight-week period, revealed how tactical approaches, repetition and audio logos drive recall and direct response.

For example, a distinct brand sound using rhythm and melody was found to increase unprompted awareness.

The study and its five core take outs are part of “The Sound Bubble Study” white paper, designed to unearth and understand the driving forces behind audio advertising effectiveness.

SCA National Head of Radio Sales, Nikki Rooke, said: “At SCA we pride ourselves on being leaders in creative effectiveness, and we challenge ourselves constantly to learn, innovate and develop unique, creative audio IP that will benefit our advertisers. Sound Bubble is a great example of this.

“The findings of this study provide some new structures and concepts for building effective audio campaigns. While the single-minded goal was to unearth the creative that would drive the greatest result for a new brand in market, it is clear from these learnings that a combination of elements needs to be deployed together to best drive effectiveness.”

SCA Head of The Studio Sydney and Sound Bubble Project Manager, Luke Parsons, said: “It was a big effort from our strategy and effectiveness teams in SCA iQ, coupled with our creative team, The Studio, to come together and create an innovative R&D project to give us practical learnings, that we can apply from day one to help drive better business results for our partners.”

Sound Bubble is a collection of immersive 3D audio soundscapes designed to help the nation relax, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 3D audio, including Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), has been found to lower people’s heart rate, increase relaxation, and even create feelings of social connection.

To download the Sound Bubble Study go to:

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