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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SCA Launches Women In Leadership – Growth And Development of Women in Content

SCA has announced the launch of a new leadership development program ‘Women in Leadership – Content’, a six-month program supporting the professional and personal development of SCA’s exceptionally talented women in content.

With a specific focus on developing talent in the regions, the program is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and capability to continue to thrive in their careers and become leaders of the future.

Over the six-month period, participants will engage in a mix of sessions, including group coaching, facilitated workshops and discussions with guest speakers. In addition, participants will be paired with an internal mentor who will provide continued support, coaching and guidance.

SCA’s Senior Content team and Senior General Management teams were invited to submit nominations for the program, with 11 successful candidates selected.

“Everything we do as a company is about creating a culture where people feel valued and can perform at their very best,” SCA Chief Marketing Officer, Nikki Clarkson, said.

“We advocate for a diverse workforce and SCA has gender diversity targets across the business. We now have women in 40 percent of senior management positions and 53 percent in middle management. We are enormously proud of our Women in Leadership program and are excited to see it extended to our women working in content as they look to build their leadership skills.”

SCA Head of Regional Content, Blair Woodcock, said: “It’s great to see a new development course like this, not only targeted those working throughout our regional markets, but also targeted to an incredible bunch of women in their field. Throughout the course they’ll be given the tools to help them amplify their voice, their opinions, their skill sets and their careers to ensure they’re being heard and present right throughout our business and regional Australia.

“We are committed to driving stronger female representation within our Content Leadership team. We believe the participants selected for the program are our leaders of the future and we are dedicated to ensuring their continued support, development, and advancement within SCA.”

The first session will kick off in September and will be facilitated by Dina Pozzo, a leading expert and facilitator in ‘Courageous Leadership’.


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