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SCA Reports Record Radio and Podcast Audiences

SCA’s radio and podcast audiences have set new records in 2023, with listeners flocking to audio as the 2023 Infinite Dial Australia study reveals Australia leading the world in the reach, frequency and duration of digital audio listening.

The LiSTNR podcast network delivered its best result ever in May, with a record of 8.658 million listeners.

In metro Survey 3, SCA delivered a total radio cumulative audience of 6.112 million in metro markets among its Hit and Triple M stations.

The Infinite Dial study by Edison Research validates the growth of audio listening among consumers continues across broadcast, live radio streaming, and particularly on-demand podcasting.

The report, now in its sixth year, shows that 81% of Australians listen to online audio each month, up from 78% a year ago. Radio remains strong with 79% of people tuning in weekly, while the number of people listening to podcasts jumped to 43%, exceeding the US for the first time the most advanced podcast market in the world.

The biggest growth areas for podcasts on LiSTNR are Comedy, Crime, Sport, Popular Culture, and Health and Wellbeing podcasts, with investigative journalistic docuseries continuing to grow. LiSTNR houses Australia’s most popular and number one comedy podcast Hamish & Andy, while The Howie Games, Crime Junkie, Morbid, and It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield are firm favourites in the Top 20 Australian Podcasts.

LiSTNR’s radio podcasts also continue to attract audiences, with Triple M’s The Marty Sheargold Show growing its audience by 23% year on year, and Triple M’s The Rush Hour with JB & Billy, Triple M Footy AFL, Triple M Rocks Footy NRL, Triple M Sydney’s Mick & MG in the Morning, Hit’s Carrie & Tommy Drive show, Triple M Adelaide’s Breakfast with Roo, Ditts & Loz, Triple M Brisbane’s Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan, Triple M Night Shift, and Triple M Perth’s Xav & Michelle Breakfast show all in the Top 150 All Australian Podcasts in May.

“The beauty of digital audio is in its mobility, allowing our audience to listen to the content they seek, anywhere, anytime on any platform. Audio is an intimate, in-ear experience and an antidote from the demands of screens, where audiences can still be entertained and informed but in an engaging and captive environment,” SCA incoming CEO, John Kelly, said. “In podcasting, high-profile hosts attract listeners but so do podcasts’ ability for rich storytelling and technical advances in audio production, providing listeners with the best and most immersive user experience.

“As audiences and audience engagement through time spent listening continue to rise, advertisers are following ears. The ability to utilise personalisation and reach an addressable audience of 1.4 million Australians on LiSTNR, and a network reach with our international partnerships, is a compelling proposition for advertisers.”

LiSTNR will soon launch its inaugural Podcasting Study that will reveal exclusive audience insights and trends in podcasting.


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