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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Screen Queensland Invests in QLD Games with Global Impact

The Queensland Government through Screen Queensland (SQ) is investing more than $117,000 in the development of four Queensland games through the Game Development and Marketing Investment program.

Tracey Vieira, CEO of Screen Queensland, said that SQ had approved more than half a million dollars in 13 games through the Game Development and Marketing Investment program since its launch in 2018.

“We are responding to the needs of the burgeoning games sector in Queensland and making strategic investment in independent developers and companies that have the potential to make high-quality games with global impact,” said Ms Vieira.

Recent statistics show that 93 per cent of Australian households have a gaming console, leading to the generation of more than $3 billion in sales for the national computer games industry with figures growing steadily each year.

SQ’s commitment to grow the local sector through the Game Development and Marketing Investment program will support increased revenue for Queensland-based companies as well as employment opportunities for programmers, designers, animators, producers, administrators and other screen industry creatives who work in games development.

“Queensland boasts a competitive and healthy games industry and our local games developers are being recognised as being some of the strongest and most compelling creators not only in Australia but also in the international games community,” Ms Vieira said.

The program invests in local game developers to create and market high-quality games with the potential for commercial success and is part of a broad set of SQ programs and initiatives that are building a successful, innovative and sustainable screen industry in Queensland.

The successful recipients are:

Virtual Maiwar – Bilbie Pty Ltd

Core Team: Brett Leavy, Nathan Clarkson, Koreel Rigby Ives, Dorian Dowse, Tenzin Lundberg.

Virtual Maiwar is a cultural heritage multi-user survival game that pits the user against the natural historical landscape of Brisbane just prior to settlement.

Ardent Roleplay – 89 Friends

Core Team: Dr Ralf Muhlberger, Caleb Barton, Jacob Middleby, Soren Bok, Brennan Murray, Adam Crompton, Dr Erin Evan.

Ardent Roleplay is an Augmented Reality application for tabletop roleplaying games, merging tabletop gaming with visual screen based experiences.

Endless Runner X – TBD Game Company

Core Team: Jimmy Ti, Zac Fitz-Walter, Mitchell McEwan.

Endless Runner X takes the endless runner genre and flips it on its head by varying the core gameplay mechanic throughout the game, providing a fresh and dynamic player experience.

Safari Antics – Cog Studio

Core Team: Adam Wood, James Quick.

A young clique of safari animals playing at their local jungle gym have come up with a new game, Safari Antics. They have turned their local playground into an extreme obstacle course challenge to see who is king of the castle or should we say king of the jungle gym. You play as one of many unlockable adorable rambunctious safari animals keen to set the highest record.


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